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Displaced: Bishop, Lucas (Bishop)

http://fan.insanitysandwich.com/bishop/ | 44 members with 0 pending approval
"Remember me, X-Men? The name is Bishop...and I'm back."

 Self Doubt & Recrimination

Self Doubt & Recrimination: Drake, Robert 'Bobby' (Iceman)

http://fan.insanitysandwich.com/iceman | 45 members with 0 pending approval
"No, the day I can't laugh at how ridiculous this all is, while still loving every single second of it, is the day I walk away and find a new line of work."

 Past Sins

Past Sins: LeBeau, Remy (Gambit)

http://fan.insanitysandwich.com/gambit | 1393 members with 0 pending approval
"I thought I'd joined the X-Men... not the Brady Bunch!"

 The Dupe Did It!

The Dupe Did It!: Madrox, James 'Jamie' Arthur (Multiple Man/Madrox)

http://fan.insanitysandwich.com/madrox | 103 members with 0 pending approval
"Right. Sorry. That...that wasn't very 'noir.' The whole hugging thing."

 Self-Imposed Isolation

Self-Imposed Isolation: Starsmore, Jonothan 'Jono' (Chamber/Decibel)

http://chamber.insanitysandwich.com | 60 members with 0 pending approval
"Nobody wants to be alone… not even we monsters."

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