2.04, Duet: Quotes

Beckett: You have a date, Rodney? With a woman?
McKay: It is simply two adults sharing some friendly - Yes, with a woman!

Beckett: What the hell do you think you're doing?
Sheppard: He was reaching for the self-destruct.
Beckett: He's the only one who can get Cadman and McKay out!
Sheppard: I seriously doubt he'd oblige.

Weir: So you think once the initial shock is over, we'll have the old McKay back?
Beckett: I'm afraid so.

Zelenka: Now, the transformer is crucial in operating the machine safely and, uh, it's been damaged.
Sheppard: I don't suppose there are any spares in the trunk?

Sheppard: You hate the Wraith as much as we do.
(Ronon looks at him.)
Sheppard: Okay, maybe more than we do.

McKay: Where is she?
Cadman: I'm right here!
Beckett: Lieutenant Cadman is still trapped inside the Dart.
Cadman: What?!
McKay: Who said that?
Beckett: I did.
McKay: You said what?
Beckett: I said, Lieutenant Cadman is still trapped inside the Dart.

McKay: No, no. I'm talking to Cadman. Shut up for a second.
Beckett: She's not here, Rodney!

McKay: Cadman's not trapped in the Dart.
Beckett: Excuse me?
McKay: (points at his head) She's in here.

McKay: So, instead of waiting to understand what it was you were doing, you just sort of mashed on the keyboard, hoping something would happen!

Cadman: It doesn't feel very healthy in here.
McKay: Well, we can't all be track stars now, can we?

Sheppard: Maybe there's something wrong an MRI wouldn't pick up. If you know what I mean.
McKay: I'm not crazy. I just have another consciousness in my brain.
Sheppard: So he just looks crazy.

McKay: But only because Dr. Fumbles McStupid here was in way over his head!
Zelenka: Yes! Yes. I made a mistake, trying to save YOUR life. Now do you want to try to fix it or do you want to berate me some more?
McKay: I am perfectly capable of doing both at the same time.

Cadman: You have no idea what it's like in here, okay?
McKay: Yes. Yes, I do. I know exactly what it's like in here because I live in here. I like it here!

Cadman: Maybe this is a good thing.
McKay: Excuse me?
Cadman: I could teach you a thing or two about the opposite sex, McKay. Lord knows you need it. McKay: This is hell. This is my own personal hell.

(Ronon has just taken out a group of Marines in a training session.)
Sheppard: Alright. Let's try that again.
Marine: How about you try that again? Sir.

Heightmeyer: But I have spent quite some time as a couples therapist.
Cadman: We're not a couple.
McKay: In any sense of the definition, not a couple.

Heightmeyer: In physics, a couple is defined as a pair of forces, equal in magnitude, acting in opposite directions. So you don't feel that applies here?
McKay: That's very clever.

McKay: And what I mean is that she's just a voice in my head. I have control of the body.
Cadman: I've seen your body, McKay. You can keep it.

Ronon: I prefer this.
(He blows a hole in the centre of the target with his gun.)
Sheppard: I can see why you would.

Sheppard: Listen, I wanted you to know that I gave the command to take the Dart down.
McKay: Look, much as I'd like to pretend that this is remotely your fault, the thought of what would have happened if you hadn't shot the Dart down is, uh...
Sheppard: So. We're cool?
McKay: No. You're cool, I'm fine.

Beckett: How're you feeling?
Cadman as McKay: Fine. Mainly because of Cadman. She's calming, you know? Between you and me, I am damn lucky it was her.
Beckett: Should you...?
Cadman as McKay: Oh, she's asleep. Can't hear a thing.
Beckett: Oh. Well, yes then. She seems like a lovely lady.
Cadman as McKay: Oh! That is so nice!

Cadman as McKay: Hey, you wanna do me a favour? You know, you wanna ride shotgun on this date tomorrow night?

Beckett: But what do you want me to do?
Cadman as McKay: Listen, I don't think it's any big secret that I am terrible with women. Having someone there to cut me off when I start making a fool of myself would be a great help. I'd consider it a personal favour.

McKay: We have got to set some boundaries.
Cadman: Yeah, I'm sorry about that. I'm kinda used to sleeping in the buff.
McKay: Okay, you have crossed a line here, Cadman.
Cadman: I guarantee it was more traumatic for me.

McKay: Okay, this is very important. Did you ingest any citrus? I am deathly allergic to citrus!
Cadman: Uh-oh.
McKay: Uh-oh?!

Cadman: Jeez, loosen up!
McKay: I would love to but every muscle in my body is sore from your stupid workout.

Cadman: Well, consider the opportunity, right? To have a woman there with you, helping you out, feeding you lines. I really think you could learn something.
McKay: Thank you for the offer, Cyrano, but I think I'll pass.

Teyla: How are you finding your training?
Ronon: You mean my testing.
Teyla: Is that what you think?
Ronon: Am I wrong?

McKay: Carson.
Beckett: Rodney.
McKay: What are you doing here?
Beckett: You invited me!
McKay: Oh, I did, did I?!

McKay: A toast. To you. We've been working together for some time now, a short time, but, um, in that time I've often found our interchanges very, ehm... What I mean to say is that you're very funny and smart and, uh, and from what I can tell, you make a delicious salad. So. To you.

Cadman: Wait, McKay. McKay! Stop drinking the wine. You're gonna get drunk. Actually, wait, yes! You need that to loosen up a bit. Finish it off!

Cadman as McKay: Okay. This is ridiculous. Katie, I really like you. In fact, the past few months here have been made more livable thanks to you. I wanted tonight to be special, but for reasons I can't go into now I gotta leave.
Brown: Sorry to hear that.
Cadman as McKay: But, I don't want you to be insulted. Or to wonder whether or not I'm interested in you, because I am. I am very, very interested.

McKay: Alright, rock, paper, scissors. I'm the left hand, you're the right!

McKay: This is never going to end. I'm going to be stuck like this forever.

Weir: We don't know anything about him.
Sheppard: What's there to know?
Weir: Well, anything would be helpful.

Weir: So how do you feel?
Ronon: I'm thinking about it.
Weir: Okay, good. Well, I'm thinking about it, too. So, I guess we'll just keep in touch then?
Ronon: Okay.
Weir: Okay...

McKay: What happens to the person? The one who 'let's go'?
Beckett: We're not certain, of course. It's not like we've run into a lot of these situations before.
Cadman: They would disappear. I know they would cause I can already feel it happening to me. It's getting harder to be in here. It's taking more of an effort.

Beckett: I'm afraid if one of you doesn't let go, both of you will die.
Cadman: I'll do it.

McKay: You don't have to do this.
Cadman: Yes, I do. It's your body, Rodney, and you're not going to do it.
McKay: Oh, and what makes you so sure?
Cadman: They need you here. And, as much as I hate to admit it, I'm not as important as -
McKay: Stop it! That's not true.

McKay: I would prefer not to suffer a fatal seizure while we wait for you to round up more mice for testing so, shall we?

Cadman: Rodney.
McKay: Don't try to talk me out of this, I may very well listen.

Sheppard: Hold on, Rodney, I thought all the mice died.
McKay: Well, what are we? Mice or men?

McKay: Well, Laura, it's been... unique.

Sheppard: Did you get the chance to talk to Ronon?
Weir: Yes, I did. Chatty fellow, isn't he?

McKay: Nice work.
Zelenka: It was your idea.
McKay: Well, of course it was, but you were... there.

Sheppard: Lieutenant, way to survive what I think may be my worse nightmare.
Cadman: Thank you, Sir.
McKay: Yes. Thank you.