Other Elinor M. Brent-Dyer Books

Elinor M. Brent-Dyer had over 100 published books to her credit, many of which were not part of the Chalet School series. However, most are school stories, and several, including The La Rochelle series and The Lost Staircase, have links to the Chalet School stories. Elinor M. Brent-Dyer's other books did not have the popular appeal of her Chalet School books, to publishers at least, and as a result many are quite difficult to find. Luckily, Girls Gone By Publishers have begun to reprint some of Brent-Dyer's less known titles.

La Rochelle *

Gerry Goes To School (1922)
A Head Girl's Difficulties (1923)
The Maids of La Rochelle (1924)
Seven Scamps (1927)
Heather Leaves School (1929)
Janie of La Rochelle (1932)
Janie Steps In (1953)

Janeways Titles

A Thrilling Term at Janeways (1927)
Caroline the Second (1937)


Lorna at Wynyards (1947)
Stepsisters for Lorna (1948)

Chudleigh Hold

Fardingales (1950)
The "Susannah" Adventure (1953)
Chudleigh Hold (1954)
The Condor Crags Adventure (1954)
Top Secret (1955)

Geography Readers

Bess On Her Own in Canada (1951)
A Quintette in Queensland (1951)
Sharlie's Kenya Diary (1951)
Verena Visits New Zealand (1951)

Skelton Hall

The School at Skelton Hall (1962)
Trouble at Skelton Hall (1963)

Individual Titles

The New House-Mistress (1928)
Judy the Guide (1928)
The School by the River (1930)
The Little Marie-Jose (1932)
The Feud in the Fifth Remove (1932)
Carnation of the Upper Fourth (1934)
Elizabeth the Gallant (1935)
Monica Turns Up Trumps * (1936)
They Both Liked Dogs (1938)
The Little Missus (1942)
The Lost Staircase * (1946)
Kennelmaid Nan (1953)
Nesta Steps Out (1954)
Beechy of the Harbour School (1955)
Leader in Spite of Herself (1956)
Jean of Storms (1996)

* = Related to the Chalet School Series