1.04: Alienated

Jack: Less commentary, more addition. What's my score?
Jo: 53%
Jack: Third time's the charm.
Jo: Third time's the F. Again. No advanced weaponry for you.

Jack: Okay, Jo. I'm the Sheriff. Which means I need your trust, I need your respect and most importantly, I need the remote to the freaking gun rack!
Jo: Sorry. Can't enforce the rules if you're not willing to follow them first.

Jo: Your neighbours are complaining about the noise.
Spencer: Which neighbours?
Jo: The state of Idaho.

Taggart: Like a tinny? Vinnie, get Jo a beer.
Jo: I'm on duty.
Taggart: I can respect that. Like it to go?

Nathan: (talking about Congressman Farraday) Hopefully he'll be impressed.
Allison: Hopefully he's forgotten that you called him a shameless grandstander in front of the Defence Appropriations Committee.
Nathan: He brought that on himself. The man's smart, but he likes the sound of his own voice.
Allison: Who does that remind me of?

Jack: I'm waiting.
Allison: For what?
Jack: Aw, come on. You're a woman, you're making small talk, you're buying me coffee. Which means either a) you're into me or b) you want something.
Allison: Could you be more sexist?
Jack: Come clean or I'll make my own assumptions. Okay, Allison Blake - really into me!

Jack: Jo - Jo, put away your gun.
Jo: And walk into a potential trap? I don't think so.
Henry: She's not normally this high strung.
Jack: She has some issues...

Jack: So I understand you spoke to Douglas Fargo this morning?
Dr. Sharat: The man's lost his mind. If you find him, shoot him.
Jack: ... I'll take that as a yes then.

Henry: Tell me this wasn't filled with weapons.
Jack: No, no it wasn't.
Henry: You're lying to me, aren't you?
Jack: Oh, big time.

Jack: They're infected with your paranoia inducing monkey beam.

Jack: Think about it, Jo. What makes more sense - that he's an alien or that you guys are delusional?

Jack: Who gave Fargo a gun?

Jack: I'm the new guy, right? I didn't pass your test. I didn't see how much this town needs you. Fair. But I need you too. You're not an appendage, Jo, you're my partner. And there's no one in this town that I'd rather have watching my back than you, and that's the truth.

Allison: So everybody's okay?
Jack: Oh no, they're freaking bug nuts. Restraints - now.

Nathan: I guess I owe you one, Sherriff. For getting the Congressman out relatively unscathed.
Allison: A big one. Thank you, Carter
Jack: By the way, I didn't do it for you.
Nathan: You don't say.