1.07: Blink

Nathan: Baseball league. I just wanna put him in my pocket.
Allison: Be nice, Nathan. He's just trying to fit in.

Jack: Have a good day at school. You know, try not to commit any felonies.
Zoe: Good pep talk, Dad.

Taggart: Gigantipithicus Americanus.
Jack: Taggart, what the hell?
Taggart: Ssshhh, it could still be out there.
Jack: What?
Taggart: Note the large stride, trail of destruction and extended footprint.
Jack: Tell me you don't mean Big Foot.
Taggart: I mean Gigantipithicus Americanus.
Jack: Let's give him a sobriety test.

Jo: How'd you get here so fast?
Taggart: Heard you on my scanner.
Jo: And, what, you were just passing by in full camis and nightvision goggles?
Taggart: Yeah.
Jo: Nice.

Nathan: Wouldn't want you to end up in Federal prison.
Jack: Yeah? Well, I wouldn't want you to end up with my foot shoved up your ass.
Nathan: Sherriff, we're grown men. I like to think we're more evolved than that.
Jack: Well you overestimate me.
Nathan: Touche.

Jo: Stark's head honcho up at Global Dynamics. When he says 'jump', everyone else says 'what trajectory?'
Jack: Yeah, well I say screw him.
Jo: Well, he's probably saying the same thing about you. Only in Latin.

Jack: (talking about the crash test dummy) Why's it look like me?
Henry: It's generic.

Jack: Henry, do you ever actually work on cars?
Henry: Sometimes, when it gets slow, yeah.

Jack: These guys are eating way too much.
Nathan: Your damning evidence is a healthy appetite?

Jack: Nice tie.
Nathan: I'm really starting to dislike that guy.

Nathan: Maybe you should question them at some point.
Jack: Do I tell you how to do your job?
Nathan: No, but that is an amusing idea.

Jack: I'll never get used to this town.