1.09: Primal

Fargo: These lines represent different emotions. Red for anger, blue for happiness, green for depression.
Nathan: So you've equipped me with a very expensive mood ring.

Larry: Just pray it's not the Loreena Bobbit virus.
Nathan: Sorry?
Larry: Turns your hard drive into a three and a half inch floppy.

Nathan: If you're here to invite me to the Lisa Meitner dance I might still be available. Okay, you are not here to invite me to the dance.

Spencer: Bigger isn't necessarily better.
Jack: Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.

Henry: Your Dad is the worst liar.
Zoe: Well, luckily I take after my Mother.

Jack: It's really creepy in there.
Allison: That's some really sharp police work, Carter.

Jack: I mean, some people need their afternoon nap. Like me, for example.
Allison: Carter.
Jack: It's well documented, Allison. A siesta works. It increases worker satisfaction and productivity and it is a dying art.
Allison: Napping is not an art.
Jack: You haven't seen me nap. I take it to a whole new level.
Allison: Stop stalling and get in the tunnel.

Taggart: Just because you choose not to fraternise with the support staff, doesn't mean others don't. Which is your loss, because Larry happens to be a very sensitive guy.
Allison: You wanna try out one of your new toys, don't you?
Taggart: ... I got a new GPS locator and night vision goggles.

Taggart: Sounds insectoid.
Jack: Is that even a word?
Taggart: Yeah, I think so.

Allison: A person is missing. We found his equipment in the service tunnel.
Nathan: I don't care if I'm missing. You don't go poking around a billion dollar mainframe without asking me. And you do not send a cop and a glorified vet into the brain of Global Dynamics without following protocall.

Jack: What is that?
Nathan: It's my threshold for incompetence.
Jack: It looks like a melanoma.

Jack: These nanoids. How many we looking at, exactly?
Taggart: Dunno. They're programmed to self-replicate using any available source of carbonous fuel.
Jack: Where do they get the carbon? Computer stuff? Piping?
Taggart: Carbon's in anything living.
Jack: I'm something living.
Taggart: So am I!

Jack: There will never be enough showers for me to feel clean again. Did you know that was going to happen?
Taggart: Absolutely not. ... Maybe a bit.

Jack: (about Stark) He's not perfect.
Taggart: Have you seen his abs? Damn close.

Jack: Okay, what was the overall theme of your last dream? Oh, come on Stark, this is no time to be bashful.
Nathan: Well, there were some wish-fulfillment fantasies in there.
Jack: Like?
Nathan: Ally. And some other stuff.
Jack: I need specifics.
Nathan: The usual: power; success; control over... everything.
Jack: You dream about world domination.
Nathan: Not all the time.

Taggart: Command them with your mind. Summon them with your will. Conjure them with -
Nathan: Seriously?

Jack: You are a stupid, selfish, egomaniacal sack of crap and I am astonished that you've gotten as far as you have.
Nathan: Coming from you that's a compliment.

Nathan: We're going to serenade them into submission now?