1.10: Purple Haze

Fargo: Biofarmacology's just a fancy word for gardening!

Fargo: People do not appreciate my role here. I'm the grease on the cogs that turn the gears in this machine that is Eureka.

Fargo: Well, I'm sure you did I great job in the last town you worked in.
Jack: America, Fargo. I was a US Marshall. America was my last town.
Seth: (coming after Fargo with a pair of shears) Fargo, I'm going to change your religion.

Jack: How does it work anyway?
Henry: It - it just does! God. Do I really have to explain everything?

Jo: Hey, you know what we should do tonight? We should go dancing! Sure, you and me - thin blue line brotha. We could tear it up.
Jack: Don't take this the wrong way, but have you been drinking?
Jo: Ooh, drinking! Yeah, let's do that.

Nathan: The answer is no.
Jack: You're answering a question that isn't being asked. He's coming with me. That's a statement.

Nathan: I hate the way he looks at you.
Jack: I don't look at her.
Nathan: Oh, please. Like a shark eyeing chum.

Beverly: I'm Allison Blake. I'm torn between my gorgeous, brilliant but emotionally unavailable husband and the gorgeous, charming but immature Sherriff. What should I do?

Henry: How did you get all of those really big words to come out of that tiny little brain?
Jack: You know what? You're a really mean drunk.

Jack: Taggart. You're naked.
Taggart: Au naturalle.
Jack: May I ask why?
Taggart: Why not?
Jack: Unfortunately, that doesn't tell me whether you've been affected or not.

Jack: Put down my autographed World Series bat or I'll ground you until you're thirty!

Nathan: I already lost you. The artefact's all I have left.
Allison: That's not true. I'm here now. You don't know what's inside that room, but you know what's out here. We need you, the town needs you - I need you.
Nathan: I need you too.

Henry: This was a difficult decision to make and it's been quite a journey, but it's time for me to leave Eureka. So, this is goodbye and god bless.