1.12: Once In A Lifetime

Jack: (about Stark) He's trying to dodge jury duty by claiming scientific immunity.

Jack: Yeah, but your house won't spiral into a depression if you move out.

Zoe: When I first came to Eureka four years ago, I was in the back of a police car. Luckily for me my father was driving it and, being a man, he refused to stop and ask for directions. When I first came to Eureka, I was on my way home. And the irony is that in crashing here, I found one.

Zoe: You're coming to the party, right?
Taggart: With bells on.
Zoe: Not just bells, right?
Taggart: Oh, you never know.

Jack: It's hard to be carefuller. What? I know it's not a word!

Jack: What? I learn things. I learn things!

Fargo: How much longer? I have to get going.
Kim: Why? Got a hot date?
Fargo: I date.
Kim: Okay.
Fargo: I do.
Kim: I believe you.
Fargo: No. I don't.
Kim: I know.

Nathan: You ready to save the world?

Nathan: So let me get this straight - I got fired for cutting corners on the artefact but Henry gets to play with the space time continuum?

Nathan: You realise that was a rhetorical question?
Jack: I do now, yeah.

Henry: I barely survived losing you the first time. I can't - I can't... I can't do that again.
Kim: This isn't just about you. Or me.
Henry: I can't.
Kim: You have to.

Allison: Aren't you even a little afraid to lose me? To lose us?
Jack: Listen to me. There is no time, no space, no way, that we don't end up together. You just have to have a little faith.

Henry: Even knowing what I know now, I would do it again.
Kim: I know you would.

Jack: I think this is definitely becoming a thing.
Allison: We don't have a thing.
Jack: ... We might.