2.02: Try, Try Again

Larry: (to Fargo) Just because Blake inherited you doesn't mean she has to keep you.

Jack: I didn't even yell.
Zoe: Which killing you.
Jack: Yeah, it really is.

Fargo: Once you've replaced Dr. Stark -
Allison: Succeeded Dr. Stark.
Fargo: Once you're in charge...

Jack: So, what have we got? Time-warp? Black hole? Random quantum - not that that ever happens.

Nathan: Are you talking about the M.A.C.A.?
Jack: Not that coherently, but yes.

Nathan: I've swung a lot of things that would surprise you, Sherriff.
Jack: What does that even mean?

Fargo: Dr. Stark, are you smiling?
Nathan: Of course not.

Fargo: E-mail to Allison Blake - "You are the most intoxicating woman I ever met. I used to dream of you catching me asleep on your desk late at night." Send one of those to Jo and substitute 'jail cell' for 'desk'. Oh, and send one to yourself substituting the word 'couch'. And see if you can work the word 'tempestuous' in there.
Beverly: Okay.
Fargo: Now, Sherriff Carter - "You really tried to help me on my last day and I don't know how to thank you."
Beverly: That's actually quite touching.
Fargo: "If only you were better than your job."

Unknown: He wasn't supposed to turn it on.
Jack: Well it's Fargo! Of course he turned it on!

Jack: We're not gonna let that thing kill Fargo. I'm going to kill him first.

Nathan: Good job, Carter. Wow, that didn't even leave a bad taste in my mouth.
Jack: Give it a second.
Nathan: Yep, there it is.

Fargo: Thanks Dr. Stark, I feel closer to you than ever before.
Nathan: Well, no good deed goes unpunished.

Fargo: That's for killing me.
Jo: Any time.

Allison: Global Dynamics needs you. I need you.
Nathan: Really?
Allison: And Carter's right. You two do work well together.
Nathan: Oh, you just know how to ruin the moment.