2.03: Unpredictable

Allison: (to Jack) Oh, I'll remember this when you're getting arrested on Dateline.

Allison: Me? I thought you were into young brunettes.
Jack: No, I'm into old brunettes.
Allison: Didn't come out right, did it?

Jack: Jo, there's no official position between yours and mine.
Jo: Great, I'll take yours.

Jack: It's just -
Abby: You hate surprises.
Jack: Yeah, well, especially when I don't know they're coming.

Allison: And you are?
Abby: Jack's evil ex-wife, Dr. Abby Carter.
Allison: Dr. Allison Blake.
Nathan: Dr. Nathan Stark.
Abby: Wow, all these doctors. Your worst nightmare, Jack. He used to hate it when I dragged around on my alumni functions. He called it 'death by dull'.
Nathan: He is very clever.

Jack: You see what happens when they change the natural order of things? I mean, everything's under control and then somebody throws a wrench into something that's working perfectly fine for her own selfish reasons and then your life is shattered and she's blaming you.
Henry: What? Are we still talking about the reactor?
Jack: Yeah.
Henry: What?

Allison: You know what, let's juststay focused on work so we can avoid these awkward moments.
Jack: These awkward moments are the only social life I have left.

Henry: Any man that says he understands women is either naieve or a liar.

S.A.R.A.H.: Mr. Pullman prefers 'meterologist'. He's a little senstive about it.

Abby: And who's fault is that?
Jack: Oh, well mine obviously. Because everything bad that happens is my fault.

Jack: Does this look like a crazy weather machine to you?

Allison: Any job offers?
Nathan: A few.
Allison: I heard seventeen.
Nathan: It'd be crass to count.