2.06: Noche de Sueños

Jack: No, no, I'm really handy! And I know what you're thinking - is there anything this guy can't do?

Jack: Well, either someone's doing construction or you got a pest problem. (sees Stark) Yeah, definitely a pest problem.

Jack: Well, I offered to fix Allison's water heater.
Nathan: Really? Interesting Allison didn't mention it's a fusion water heater and that to work on one you'd need a PhD from MIT. Which I happen to have.

S.A.R.A.H.: I detect that you're upset, Sherriff, but alcohol is not the answer.
Jack: No, I'm not. And yes, it is.

Jack: Something funny about toxic waste exposure.
Jo: No. Something is funny about Sherriff Carter exposure.

Jack: Your secret's safe with me... Josefina Ballerina.

Jack: Don't make me come over there.
Fargo: You really wanna add police brutality to the list?

Fargo: But my name isn't on there.
Nathan: That's a good thing, Fargo.
Fargo: I know because it means I wasn't the one who had the Man in Black dream.
Nathan: Well, it sure as hell wasn't me.
Jo: ... Oh, god.

Henry: How you feeling?
Jack: Like I had a total body enema.
Henry: Thank you for that very vivid image.