2.07: Family Reunion

Jack: 'Sassy pumps for fall'.
Jo: I'm so ashamed.

Allison: We have a bit of an unusual situation up here.
Jack: Oh, at Global Dynamics. Imagine.

Nathan: Of all people to bring out of cryostatis I resurrect a Fargo.
Jack: Yeah, karma's a bitch.

Pierre Fargo: Does anyone know the time? Because my girl, Belle, and I have a dinner plans and I can't be late.
Jack: I don't know how to say this, but you're already late.
Nathan: Like fifty years late.

Fargo: Listen, I know Fargos have a reputation for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but if he says he doesn't know how he got into that chamber, I believe him. Maybe somebody put him in there.
Jack: The same way somebody put you into the forcefield bubble?
Fargo: Okay, fair point. But we're not talking about me. Fargos may be cursed, but we're honest. Will you please just look into it?

Jack: I would have thought Albert Einstein was Eureka's Albert Einstein.

Zoe: It says here that fatherhood can scare men into disassocation which can lower their sex drive.

Jack: Belle was pregnant.
Pierre: Careful, Slim. I respect that you're an officer of the law, but you're insulting the good name of my girl and I will not stand for it.

Nathan: (to Jack) Read any of his voluminous biographies. Or get a book on tape.

Jack: I believe that when someone is responsible for something, that they should be held accountable.

Fargo: I'm just excited. I've never really had a Grandfather. Or a Father. Or friends.

Pierre: (to Fargo) I've seen the way people treat you around here and getting fired could be a blessing.

Jack: The bad news is that they have you on a Class 3 security breach. The good news is that the mattress is surprisingly supportive.

Fargo: I could kick the door down.
Jack: We'll call that Plan B.