2.09: Sight Unseen

Jack: (to Zoe) Yeah, that's me - your downside.

Callie: Trust me, it's a pleasure to do you. I mean, clean you, your uniform.

Jack: You have moon rocks here? I saw a bunch when I was a kid. My Dad drove me all the way to Menlo Park just to see -
Nathan: Fake ones.
Allison: Nathan, that's classified information.
Nathan: What? He's a big enough boy now. He should know the truth.

Lucas: Welcome to my world. It's quiet but it has its advantages.
Zoe: Like what?
Lucas: Kidding. No advantages.

Henry: Did you talk to Jack today?
Nathan: Couldn't avoid it. I did get to crush a childhood memory though, so it wasn't all bad.

Jack: Is this stuff toxic?
Callie: No, I don't keep anything locked.
Jack: Not locked - TOXIC.

Jack: Try rubbing them.
Callie: In love with him? No, I'm totally single right now.

Zoe: I thought you were all about the grades.
Lucas: Why? Because I fit the stereotype nerd slash geek slash loser mold that hot girls like you put me into?

Lucas: Sorry, didn't mean to distract you with all the verbal sparring and the sudden sexual tension between us.
Zoe: Please. You are so not my type.
Lucas: That's what they all say.
Zoe: Until they fall madly in love with you?
Lucas: Nope. That's what they all actually say.

Allison: Great, just what we need - airborn intelligent radioactive life.
Jack: From space!
Nathan: Can we put a bell on him or something?

Jack: Is that even possible?
Fargo: Asks the invisible Sherriff.

Callie: I am beginning to think that you're doing this on purpose.
Jack: I'm beginning to think I should.