2.10: God Is In The Details

Jo: You try anything and I'll deviate your septum.
Zane: That is so hot.

Jo: I had the same feeling assembling a chromium flash suppression barrel for my grenade launcher.

Allison: What's happening to me?
Nathan: Well, apparently your inner glow is becoming your outer glow.

Jack: Until then don't leave the aquarium.
Seth: At least you can't light it on fire.

Seth: Why is it everytime you show up my work gets ruined?
Jack: I'm not the one that turned your aquarium into a theme park for The Shining.

Larry: Hallelujah, my brother!
Jack: Shut up, Larry.

Allison: But if I don't make it through this...
Nathan: You will. You have to. I love you. I won't let you die. I won't allow it.

Zane: Either tell me why you're pissed at me or I'll hold my breath until you do.
Jo: What are you? Three?
Zane: Hey, I black out it's on you.