"Read this minds. Steal their souls. Take your pick."
He was standing very still, every muscle rigid. His hands were shoved in his pockets, fingers clenched. And his grey eyes were so bleak and lonely that Kaitlyn was glad he wasn't looking at her.
She said evenly, "You're a telepath."
"They called it something different. They called me a psychic vampire."
And I felt sorry for myself, Kaitlyn thought. Just because I couldn't help people, because my drawings were useless. But his gift makes him kill.

She could see nothing, feel nothing, but the all-encompassing fury of Gabriel's hunger...
That simple contact, skin to skin, third eye to third eye, brought the biggest shock of all. A jolt that went through Kait like lightning - as if two ends of electric wiring had touched, sending a violent current coursing through... It was frightening - terrifying in its power. And for the first instant it hurt. She felt a tearing in her body, in her bloodstream - as if something was being pulled out of her... It demanded that she surrender...

Gabriel has betrayed his friends and joined the dark psychics. He and Rob seem determined to destroy each other - but Kaitlyn can't let that happen. Pretending to join Mr. Zetes herself, she gambles that love can win Gabriel back from the dark. But she finds herself alone with the enemy - and the final confrontation is coming fast. In the last battle, will Kaitln choose Rob or Gabriel - light or darkness?

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