One of the main characters of the Dark Visions trilogy, 17-year-old Gabriel Wolfe is a young offender who was raised in New York but had run-ins with the law in several states. He spent two years in Californian prison and was sent to the Zetes Institute as part of his rehabilitation. Gifted with psychic (telepathic) powers that have caused him pain throughout the years, Gabriel retreated under a 'tough-man' facade.

At the tender age of 14, Gabriel was responsible for the death of Iris, a sweet and gentle girl. It was generally assumed that he had killed her on purpose, but the opposite is true. Gabriel's powers surged out of control and leeched Iris' life out of her. Since then, Gabriel has needed to continually 'top-up' his powers by draining other people.

Although he described his mother as a nice woman, he has not seen her, or his alcoholic father who beat him, for three years. Described as "so handsome it was frightening", Gabriel has pale skin with dark, almost black, hair and dark grey eyes. His smile is wild and disturbing and his voice is curt. Tall, his movements, and facial expressions, have a certain wariness to them.

Nicknamed 'Gabe' he fell in love with Kaitlyn Fairchild who risked her life to save him, and helped him to grow past his feelings of self-loathing. Whilst at the Zetes Institute he also reluctantly grew to be friends with several of the other students.

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