Lisa Jane Smith realised that she wanted to be a writer sometime between kindergarten and first grade and started writing in elementary school. She has never been able to break the habit. The idea for her first published book came to her while she was baby-sitting during High School and she wrote the book itself while attending the University of California at Santa Barbara. After University, she taught public school for several years.

The author of more than twenty books for young adults, she still likes to encourage young writers to express themselves and enjoys writing about the supernatural because it's a great forum for the battle between good and evil. She gets some of her best ideas sitting under the stars. Strong female characters are important to her as she believes they can inspire girls to read, write and reach for their dreams.

While she makes no claim to psychic powers, she is firmly convincedthat the street lights go off at night when she passes. LJS always wonders what the future will bring and enjoys computers, mythology, walking in the woods at night, and animals. Dreams and nightmares have always fascinated her and many of her books are based on her own nightmares and those of her friends. At times, she stops in the middle of a particularly frightening dream and thinks, "This is awful. I sure hope I remember it when I wake up!" She is also particularly interested in the night and the way the ordinary world changes in the moonlight.

She lives in a rambling house in the Bay Area of northern California with one dog, three cats, and about ten thousand books.

L. J. Smith's Published Books
The Night of the Solstice
Heart of Valour
Vampire Diaries:
The Awakening
The Struggle
The Fury
Dark Reunion
The Secret Circle:
The Initiation
The Captive
The Power
Dark Visions:
The Strange Power
The Possessed
The Passion
The Night World:
Secret Vampire
Daughters of Darkness
Dark Angel
The Chosen
Black Dawn
Strange Fate (Yet to be Published)

Based on information provided in L.J. Smith's books.

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