Over the years, Gambit has been the title character in several series of comics, both ongoing and limited. You can find out more about these series in the chronologically arranged list below.

Gambit, Vol. 1

Gambit, Volume 1, Issue 1 Released: December 1993 - March 1994
Writer: Howard Mackie
Artist: Lee Weeks
Number of Issues: 4
Summary: When members of the Thieves' Guild are killed by the Assassins' Guild, and it turns out that his wife, Bella Donna is still alive, Gambit returns to New Orleans with Rogue. There he discovers that Bella Donna needs the Elixir of Life to awake from her comatose state and sets off to retrieve it. On the way he incurs the wrath of the External Candra who issues a warrant for his death.

Gambit and the X-Ternals

Gambit and the X-Ternals, Issue 1 Released: March 1995 - June 1995
Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Artist: Tony Daniel, Salvador Larroca
Number of Issues: 4
Summary: In the Age of Apocalypse, Gambit is the leader of a group of mutants known as the X-Ternals who steal supplies from the well-off and give them to the needy in camps. Gambit and his team set out to steal a piece of the M'Kraan crystal to correct whatever has gone wrong with the timeline, coming into contact with the Shi'ar and the Starjammers along the way.

Night Man/Gambit

Night Man/Gambit, Issue 1 Released: March 1996 - May 1996
Writer: David Quinn
Artist: Detrich Smith, Andrew Wildman
Number of Issues: 3

Wolverine/Gambit: Victims

Wolverine/Gambit: Victims, Issue 1 Released: September 1996 - December 1996
Writer: Jeph Loeb
Artist: Time Sale
Number of Issues: 4
Summary: When Detective Alexandra Davies is murdered in a series of killing people are comparing to Jack the Ripper, Gambit travels to London to try to find out what happened to his friend. He is almost arrested for the murder himself, saved only when the police find Wolverine standing over a dead woman with blood on his claws. The evidence continues to pile up against Wolverine while Gambit struggles to discover the truth.

Gambit, Vol. 2

Gambit, Volume 2, Issue 1 Released: September 1997 - December 1997
Writer: Howard Mackie, Terry Kavanagh
Artist: Klaus Janson, Bill Sienkiewicz
Number of Issues: 4
Summary: Gambit travels to Miami to steal the Cross of Redemption from a museum, but is disturbed by Tante Mattie who informs him that together they have the Lord's work to do. When a fallen star reveals herself to them Gambit starts to believe Tante Mattie and ends up in a Vatican safehouse, where he becomed involved with a nun, before launching into a battle against the forces of hell.

Gambit, Vol. 3

Gambit, Volume 3, Issue 1 Released: February 1999 - February 2001
Writer: Fabian Nicieza, Cam Smith, Scott Lobdell, Joe Pruett
Artist: Steve Skroce, Mat Broome, Anthony Williams, Yanick Paquette, Joe St. Pierre, Georges Jeanty, Walter McDaniel, Thomas Derenick
Number of Issues: 27

Gambit & Bishop: Sons of the Atom

Gambit & Bishop: Sons of the Atom, Issue 1 Released: February 2001 - May 2001
Writer: Scott Lobdell, Joe Pruett
Artist: Cary Nord, Georges Jeanty, Thomas Derenick
Number of Issues: 7
Summary: Bishop's strange nightmares lead to the discovery of a symbiote living under his skin. When Gambit becomes suspicious of this diagnosis, he and Bishop discover that they are under some kind of mental attack. Travelling to New Orleans, they encounter the Witness and Stryfe, who is being hunted by Cable, and uncover a plot to kill everyone on earth.

Gambit, Vol. 4

Gambit, Volume 4, Issue 1 Released: November 2004 - August 2005
Writer: John Layman
Artist: Georges Jeanty, Roger Robinson
Number of Issues: 12