Although Bobby's relationship with his father is, in some ways, a defining aspect of his character, his family receive little exposure in the various X-Men comics.

William Robert 'Willie' Drake & Madeline Beatrice 'Maddy' Bass Drake

William Robert Drake & Madeline Beatrice Bass Drake First Appearance: X-Men (1st Series) #44
Profile: When Bobby confided the secret of his mutant powers to his parents, they urged him to keep them a secret, fearing that other people would be unable to accept him. Of course, Bobby was eventually found out and as an angry lynch mob formed, his father told them they would take his son over his dead body. As things in the town escalated to frenzied levels they drew the attention of Charles Xavier who recruited Bobby to his school and erased the memories of Bobby's powers from the minds of the entire town, including William and Madeline. Later, the memories returned to them both and they seemed to struggle with the idea that their son was a mutant. As Bobby became a confirmed superhero, eschewing accountancy which had been their chosen profession for him, their feelings of disapproval grew with William especially becoming antagonistic to his son. When Bobby became close with Opal and later, Rogue, William's negative attitude reached new heights causing Bobby to sever all ties with his parents. This rift seems to have made William reconsider his thoughts on mutants as he would later vocally support mutant rights at a Graydon Creed debate. The stand William took at this very public debate resulted in his receiving a vicious beating which left him hospitalised. When Bobby returned home to look after his father, his relationship with both parents seemed to heal to some extent.


Mary First Appearance: Iceman (1st Series) #1
Profile: Mary appears to be in her late teens/early twenties and is aware, and accepting, of Bobby's status as a mutant. Furthermore, she and Bobby seem to have been close before he left home, with Mary knowing about how feels about his parents and how he can never seem to manage to make his mind up.


Joel First Appearance: Iceman (1st Series) #1
Profile: Bobby's cousin, Joel attempts to give Bobby some advise upon being informed that Bobby is thinking about quitting accountancy. However, he is summarily shut up by Bobby who is angry that his parents refuse to accept who he is. Unlike Mary, he was unaware of Bobby's status as a mutant and seemed less than impressed when it was revealed during the destruction of the next door neighbour's house.


Profile: Bobby's aunt, on his Dad's side.


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #415
Profile: Ran an electronics store. Bobby worked for him for more than one summer.