Over the years, Bobby has become involved with several women though, on the whole, the relationships have left him broken-hearted.

Judy Harmon

Judy Harmon First Appearance: X-Men (1st Series) #44
Profile: As a teenager, Bobby went on a few dates with Judy Harmon, a girl he felt closer to than anyone else he knew. After going to see West Side Story together, Bobby airs his feelings leading Judy to ask if he's trying to say he loves her. Before he can reply, however, he is attacked by a group of boys from school, one of whom seems to think that Judy is 'his'. To stop the gang from abducting Judy, Bobby is forced to use his powers, sadly scaring Judy in the process. Believing him to be dangerous, Judy flees and soon after Bobby joins the X-Men.


Zelda First Appearance: X-Men (1st Series) #7
Profile: When the X-Men are looking to kick their heels up after graduating, Bobby suggests they go to Cafe A-Go-Go in Greenwich Village which has the "dreamiest" waitress. The waitress turns out to be Zelda who flirts good naturedly with Bobby. She would eventually go on several double dates with Bobby, Hank and Vera Cantor. However, when Lorna Dane crossed the path of the X-Men, Bobby fell head over heels almost instantly. Consumed by jealously when she starts taking an interest in Havok, Bobby sought out Zelda who was none to pleased to discover the reason behind his recent absence in her life.

Lorna Dane aka Polaris

Lorna Dane aka Polaris First Appearance: X-Men (1st Series) #49
Profile: Lorna first encountered Bobby when under the spell of Mesmero she almost walked into oncoming traffic. Immediately attracted to her, Bobby took her back to Xavier's to help her get over the shock of what was happening and during the ensuing confrontation with Mesmero and Magneto helped her to realise who she was and how strong she could be. It was obvious that Bobby was smitten and Lorna seemed to return his feelings to some extent. However, when Lorna met Alex Summers her attentions turned towards him causing Bobby to become fiercely jealous and antagonistic. Lorna eventually chose Alex, eventually leaving the X-Men to go to University with him. Despite this, Bobby's feelings towards Lorna and his resulting dislike of Alex never faded. After an incredibly bumpy relationship, Alex and a seemingly-unbalanced Lorna eventually decided to get married but Alex called things off in the middle of her walk down the aisle. Although Lorna's behaviour was incredibly erratic and the X-Men were questioning her stability and motivations, Bobby's feelings for Lorna had not decreased and he was pleased when Lorna began to show him affection once more. Despite the jealousies of Alex, Lorna and Bobby began to date. Their relationship was interrupted by M-Day which resulted in the loss of Lorna's powers. In trying to regain them, Lorna was captured by Apocalypse and turned into one of his Horsemen of the Apocalypse. When the X-Men managed to return her to herself, Lorna left the team behind, effectively ending things with Bobby in the process.

Tyomni Zvesda/Laynia Petrovna aka Darkstar

Tyomni Zvesda aka Darkstar First Appearance: Champions #7
Profile: Initially sent to kidnap the Black Widow, Tyomni Zvesda realises she is fighting for the wrong side and disavows the Russian team she had been working with in favour of briefly fighting alongside the Champions. During the fight she is forced to dispatch her lover, the Crimson Dynamo. Upon their first meeting as allies, Bobby is immediately taken by Laynia as she is now known and attempts to flirt with her. His feelings seem to intesify quickly and he mistakenly risks his life to save her during a battle on the homeworld of Kamo Tharn. Instead of appreciating his actions, Laynia does not seem to be aware of them, leaving Bobby feeling unappreciated. Partially in an attempt to attract her attention, Bobby reinvents himself, donning a new costume and a new attitude. Despite his best efforts, Laynia remains oblivious to his romatic overtures continuining to see him as a friend and teammate. Sadly, she would later be killed by Fantomex.

Marge Smith aka Mirage

Marge Smith aka Mirage First Appearance: Iceman (1st Series) #1
Profile: On a visit home to see his parents, Bobby spots a girl on the street and immediately declares to his cousin that he's in love. Trying to impress her, he greets her in his Iceman form only to scare her away. Later, he discovers that Marge lives next door to his parents the two quickly get talking. After a while, Marge tells Bobby that she likes him and Bobby is only too happy to reciprocate. Before anything can happen, they are interrupted by a pair of mutant-hunters who have been sent to capture Marge. Bobby soon discovers that Marge was actually created by the cosmic entity Oblivion to be his daughter, Mirage, but that she refused to be controlled by him and ran away, creating a human family for herself. When Oblivion sends his lackeys after her, she escapes through a portal into the past where Bobby's father is killed. Distraught, Bobby makes a deal with Oblivion to capture Mirage and return her to her father against her wishes. Initially, he tries to convince her to return by talking to her and appealing to her feelings for him. However, this approach angers her and she almost kills him. Reunited with Oblivion, she realises that she loves him and wants to once more be with him. Cruelly, she tells a crushed Bobby that the love Marge felt for him was but an echo of the true love she feels for Oblivion.

Cloud (Carol Faber/Danny Milligan)

Cloud (Carol Faber/Danny Milligan) First Appearance: Defenders (1st Series) #123
Profile: As part of the Secret Empire, Cloud first encountered Bobby whilst trying to kidnap the Vision. Her mission was a failure and he did not see her again until she realised that some of her memories were not real and sought out the Defenders help. Not long after she began to flirt with Bobby who appeared to return her attentions. Things became somewhat confused when Cloud began to feel attracted to Moondragon. Whilst fighting with the unnaturalness of her feelings, as she saw them, Cloud somehow changed her body from female to male much to the surprise of both herself and the team. Bobby's feelings for Cloud seemed unaffacted but when he tried to console her some time later, she deliberately changed into her male form to make him realise that she couldn't love the whole of who she was. Bobby struggled with his feelings towards Cloud as he really did love her in her female form. Eventually, however, the gender switching became too much for him and he took a step back, promising to help her find out the truth about herself. It was later discovered that Cloud was a sentient nebula who had accidentally taken on the form of two humans she had caused injury to. Once she Cloud realised what it was, it apologised to Bobby for any pain it had caused him, promising to always keep him in its heart.

Josephine aka Infectia

Josephine aka Infectia First Appearance: X-Factor (1st series) #28
Profile: Bobby met Infectia in the Hard Rock Cafe in Manhattan where she convinced him and Beast to protect her from a monster who was chasing her. Afterwards, she persuaded them to bring them back to the fortress ship which served as headquarters to X-Factor. Almost immediately, she began pursuing Bobby attempting to kiss him on multiple occassions. However, the X-Terminators, who were also on the ship at the time, were suspicious of Infectia's motives and managed to successfully interrupt her each time. Infectia finally managed to corner Bobby in her laboratory but the kiss was intercepted by Beast who immediately mutated. Bobby then realised that Infectia had been trying to kiss him in order to turn him into one of her Anti-Bodies, a group of deformed monsters completely loyal to her. Infectia was defeated and later went on to die from the Legacy Virus.

Opal Tanaka

Opal Tanaka First Appearance: X-Men (1st Series) #49
Profile: Bobby's relationship with Opal Tanaka developed quickly after their first meeting. Unexpectedly, given that she worked in a record shop, Opal was kidnapped by a group of Yakuza Cyber-Samurais who turned out to be linked to her birth family. When Bobby rescued Opal their relationship deepened and it wasn't long before he introduced her to his parents. Although Bobby's mother was pleased to meet the woman in Bobby's life, his father reacted in an overtly racist manner. Before the situation could escalate, the foursome were attacked by Yakuza Cyber-Samurai. Opal pleaded with them to take her and spare the Drakes but was ultimately saved by the efforts of Bobby and her cousin Hiro, who was also in love with her. Although he still professed to love Opal, his relationship with her very much took a back seat over the following weeks to his work with the X-Men. For Opal the final straw came when Bobby deliberately put her in danger to flush some bad guys out into the open. Realising that she couldn't bring him into her 'normal' world, Opal ended things with Bobby. He did not see her again until several years later when she contacted him to tell him that he was the father to her child. Bobby travelled to Japan to see Opal and his son. Unfortunately, the whole thing turns out to be a trap and Bobby barely emerges unharmed. Afterwards, he offers to stay with Opal and his son only for her to tell him that the child is not him. Bobby tells her that he'd always known that but that he would have stayed with them anyway.

Emma Frost aka The White Queen

Emma Frost aka The White Queen First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #129
Profile: While at the Massachusetts Academy to teach an accountancy class, Bobby is surprised to find Emma Frost claiming that he is to be her date to the school dance. Despite their rocky history, the pair seem to be enjoying themselves at the dance until it is interrupted by Emplate. Although Emma denies that she likes Bobby, there is undeniable chemistry between them and they almost share a kiss.


Josette First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #415
Profile: A former resident of Genosha, Josette was one of a group of refugees offered a place at the Xavier Institute by Professor Xavier, having been off the island visiting relatives at the time of the fall of the small nation. Having first seen Bobby talking to Angel, Josette waited for him outside the Infirmary and immediately drew his attention. The pair moved outside and shared a kiss before Bobby declared that he'd never felt so strongly for someone so quickly before. Josette mirrored his feelings but they were interrupted by Josette's husband who revealed that Josette had been using her powers on Bobby to make him feel the way he had. As Josette watched on, her husband violently attacked Bobby only stopping due to the intervention of Northstar.

Annie Ghazikhanian

Annie Ghazikhanian First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #410
Profile: When Bobby's secondary mutation kicked in, turning his chest to ice, he was forced to confide in the school nurse, Anne Ghazikhanian. She kept his secret and was there when Bobby was freaking out after the announcement of Polaris and Havok's wedding. During a heated conversation, Annie forced Bobby to admit how frightened he was about the prospect of being stuck in his ice form permanently, leading to a kiss between them. When the wedding was called off, Havok and Annie began to date, adding to Bobby's dislike to Havok who seemed to have a habit of becoming involved with women Bobby was interested in.

Raven Darkholme aka Mystique

Raven Darkholme aka Mystique First Appearance: Ms. Marvel (1st Series) #16
Profile: During Mystique's recent time as a member of the X-Men, she and Bobby indulged in some obvious flirtation and a kiss that may actually have been mouth-to-mouth, before sleeping together. Soon after, Mystique betrayed the X-Men and fought alongside the Marauders. During a confrontation, she attempts to kill Bobby only to let him walk away, telling him that if she ever sees him again she will kill him. Feeling that his relationship with Mystique had endangered the whole team, Bobby admits that he cared for her despite what he knew about her and her past. For a time, Mystique poses as Opal Tanaka and reinserts herself into Bobby's life only to reveal herself and attack him again. Despite her protestations to the contrary, Bobby accuses her of really feeling something for him. Before making her escape, Mystique promises that Bobby will never be able to be sure of being in love again - that she will user her shapeshifting powers to make him fall for her before destroying him.