Luckily for us, Bobby has been a character in all three X-Men movies. You can find out more about the movies in the chronologically arranged list below.


X-Men Released: 2000
Played By: Shawn Ashmore
Summary: When the mysterious Rogue arrives at the Xavier Institute, Bobby Drake aka Iceman is one of the first students to welcome her, by gifting her with a rose made of ice. Later, after Rogue is forced to use her powers on Wolverine, Mystique takes the form of Bobby to convince Rogue that she is no longer welcome at the mansion. However, Bobby himself never blames Rogue for what happened and is visibly upset at news of her disappearance.

X2: X-Men United

X2: X-Men United Released: 2003
Played By: Shawn Ashmore
Summary: When the students are forced to flee the Xavier Institute, Bobby is instrumental in stopping William Stryker from following them as they make their escape with Wolverine. He takes Wolverine, Rogue and Pyro to his parents house where he believes they will be safe. However, his brother rings the police to inform them of the presence of mutants in his family home, resulting in an explosive show-down between the police and Bobby and company.

X-Men: The Last Stand

X-Men: The Last Stand Released: 2006
Played By: Shawn Ashmore
Summary: Although he clearly still has feelings for Rogue, Bobby begins to find their relationship difficult as they still haven't found a way for them to touch. He begins to spend more time with Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat which leads to Rogue deciding to take the 'cure' for her mutant condition. Now a fully fledged X-Man, Bobby is involved in the battle against Magneto and defeats his former friend Pyro during the fight. After discovering that Rogue has lost her powers, Bobby seems unhappy with her decision but stays with her.