18. Transitions (Sabine C. Bauer)

Rodney: I always knew these things weren't safe. I mean, sticking a perfectly healthy human... alien being into a mason jar and expecting it to survive is just moronic. Irresponsible. Arrogant. Outrageous.
John: Talking about yourself, Rodney?
Rodney: Did I mention the word 'genius' at any point?

Rodney: I hate getting wet, just so you know!
John: Yes, I believe you mentioned it. How about some lemon with that water?
Rodney: Ha-ha! The colonel made a funny. This is how I look when I'm shaken by paroxysms of laughter.

Amara: Dr. McKay explained it quite exhaustively.
John: Yeah. Rodney seems to believe that everything needs to be explained at least seven times in order for lesser mortals to understand it.