4x02 - Adrift

Rodney: It's just like the video game Asteroids.
John: Whatever works for you.
Rodney: I was terrible at Asteroids. I think I actually scored zero once.

4x02 Lifeline

John: How's it going, boys?
Rodney: Well, we'd be making a lot more progress if Timmy Torture wasn't trying to kill me every two seconds.

4x04 Doppleganger

John: Im gong to recommend sending a science team back here to check it out.
Rodney: I am a science team!

4x05 Travelers

Rodney: No, there's something you're not telling us... She was hot, wasn't she?
John: I don't know what you're talking about.
Rodney: Aw, I knew it. That is so typical.
John: She had me beat, Rodney! She threatened to kill me several times. It wasn't like we were hanging out in the spa together.
Rodney: Whatever. All I know is every time I get taken captive, its the Wraith. Just once Id like to be taken prisoner by the sexy alien.

4x06 Tabula Rasa

John: You showing any signs?
Rodney: Headache.
John: Yeah, same here.
Rodney: Five bucks says you start losing your memories first.

4x09 Millers Crossing

Rodney: We're about even when it comes to looks, right?
John: Who's been lying to you?
Rodney: No, I'm being serious.
John: I am too. Who's been lying to you?

4x12 Spoils of War

Rodney: Don't worry, I've got an excellent sense of direction.
John: Didn't you say you got lost in a garden maze once?
Rodney: I was ten. Plus, I was running from a bee.

4x20 The Last Man

John: The city has solar-powered generators, right?
Rodney: Yes, which would come in very handy if we were trying to power a couple of electric golf carts.

Rodney: There's not enough power for you to gate back to Earth, and without a MALP, going anywhere else would be far too risky. It is entirely possible that you are the last human being alive.
John: You're not doing a very good job of cheering me up here.
Rodney: Oh, consider yourself lucky, young man.

Rodney: The sand has penetrated the lower levels.
John: 48,000 years into the future, you've still got a knack for stating the obvious. All right, what do we do?
Rodney: I don't know.
John: What do you mean, you don't know?
Rodney: Well, I wasn't programmed for this variable!
John: You said you had twenty five years to work on this plan!
Rodney: Well, McKay did, and he brilliantly anticipated a lot of potential problems! It's just that, well, this wasn't one of them.