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Bones 1.09: The Man In The Fallout Shelter Bones 2.09: Aliens in a Spaceship Firefly 1.07: Jaynestown Firefly 1.08: Out of Gas Friends 04.12: TOW The Embryos Star Trek: Deep Space 9 - zEpisodes: 5.06 Trials & Tribble-ations Star Trek: Voyager - zEpisodes: 3.16 Blood Fever Supernatural 2.14: Born Under a Bad Sign Supernatural 2.15: Tall Tales Supernatural 3.03: Bad Day at Black Rock Supernatural 3.11: Mystery Spot Supernatural 4.08: Wishful Thinking Supernatural 4.13: After School Special Supernatural 4.17: It's a Terrible Life Supernatural 5.04: The End Supernatural 5.08: Changing Channels X-Files, The 01.08: Ice X-Files, The 03.04: Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose X-Files, The 03.20: Jose Chung's From Outer Space X-Files, The 04.02: Home X-Files, The 04.13: Never Again X-Files, The 04.14: Memento Mori X-Files, The 06.03: Triangle X-Files, The 06.06: How The Ghosts Stole Christmas 

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