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A Town Called Eureka: Blake, Allison and Jack Carter Big Bang Theory, The: Cooper, Sheldon and Leonard Hofstadter Big Bang Theory, The: Cooper, Sheldon, Leonard Hofstadter, Rajesh 'Raj' Koothrappali, Penny and Howard Wolowitz Big Bang Theory, The: Koothrappali, Rajesh and Howard Wolowitz Big Bang Theory, The: Wolowitz, Howard and Bernadette Rostenkowski Bones: Booth, Seeley and Temperance Brennan Bones: Booth, Seeley, Temperance Brennan and Lance Sweets Bones: Hodgins, Jack and Angela Montenegro Bones: Hodgins, Jack and Angela Montenegro Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Osbourne, Daniel ‘Oz’ and Willow Rosenberg Dawson's Creek: McPhee, Andie and Pacey Witter Dawson's Creek: Potter, Joey and Pacey Witter Dresden Files, The: Dresden, Harry and Connie Murphy Farscape: Crichton, John and Aeryn Sun Firefly/Serenity: Frye, Kaywinnit Lee 'Kaylee' and Simon Tam Firefly/Serenity: Reynolds, Malcolm ‘Mal’ and Inara Serra Firefly/Serenity: Tam, Simon and River Tam Frasier: Crane, Niles and Daphne Moon Friends: Bing, Chandler and Monica Geller Bing Friends: Buffay, Phoebe and Mike Hannigan Fringe: Bishop, Peter and Olivia Dunham Fringe: Bishop, Peter and Walter Bishop Grey's Anatomy: Burke, Preston and Cristina Yang Grey's Anatomy: Duquette, Denny and Isobel 'Izzie' Stevens Grey's Anatomy: Grey, Lexie and Mark Sloan Grey's Anatomy: Hunt, Owen and Cristina Yang Heroes: Ando & Hiro House: Dr. Gregory House & Dr. Lisa Cuddy House: House, Gregory and James Wilson Leverage: Hardison, Alec and Eliot Spencer Leverage: Hardison, Alec and Parker Lost: Austen, Kate and James 'Sawyer' Ford Lost: Burke, Juliet and James 'Sawyer' Ford Lost: Hume, Desmond and Penelope Widmore Lost: Jarrah, Sayid and Shannon Rutherford Lost: Littleton, Claire and Charlie Pace Roswell: DeLuca, Maria and Liz Parker Roswell: DeLuca, Maria and Michael Guerin Roswell: Evans, Max and Liz Parker Scrubs: Cox, Perry and Jordan Sullivan Sherlock: Holmes, Sherlock and John Watson Six Feet Under: David & Keith Six Feet Under: Nate & David Supernatural: Castiel and Dean Winchester Supernatural: Castiel, Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester Supernatural: Singer, Bobby and Dean Winchester Supernatural: Singer, Bobby, Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester Supernatural: Winchester, Dean and Sam Winchester True Blood: Northman, Eric and Sookie Stackhouse X-Files, The: Mulder, Fox and Dana Scully 

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