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Animation: X-Men The Animated Series Characters: Bishop Characters: Captain Marvel Characters: Chamber Characters: Deadpool Characters: Gambit Characters: Iceman Characters: Jean Grey Characters: Jubilee Characters: Madrox Characters: Magneto Characters: Mystique Characters: Nightcrawler Characters: Northstar Characters: Rogue Characters: Shadowcat Characters: Storm Characters: Wolverine Comic Book Series: Generation X Comic Book Series: X-Men (All) Companies: Marvel Moves: X-Men 2 - X-Men United Movies: Professor X Movies: Quicksilver Movies: Sabretooth Movies: X-Men Series Movies: X-Men: Days of Future Past Movies: X-Men: First Class Relationships: Gambit & Rogue Relationships: Magneto & Professor X Relationships: Northstar & Iceman TV Programmes: Daredevil X-Men Legends 

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