Ami, Pas Amoureux (Friend, Not Lover)
A 'between-the-lines' fic based on Uncanny X-Men # 415.

Black Spandex
Bobby remembers the first time he saw Jean-Paul and reflects on what has become of them both since then.

Coming Home
Sometimes, it's not too hard to know where home is, even if you do get distracted along the way.

While Jean-Paul is away, the X-Men find out about his relationship with Bobby.

Endure Him
Was Lorna right? Is Bobby really the kind of person you have to endure?

Eye Contact
A drabble about, you guessed it, eye contact!

Jean-Paul and Bobby meet while both are on 'hiatus' in Montreal.

Just what do people think about when they fly? With Jean-Paul and Bobby, you just know it's going to be good ;)

Bobby reflects on the effects Jean-Paul has on him.

Bobby recounts a childhood crush he had on an athlete. Very cute!

Bobby questions many aspects of his life.

Runner Up
Bobby confronts Jean-Paul. Set during the events of Uncanny X-Men # 425.

Something About Us
Jean-Paul sacrifices himself to save the X-Men.

Bobby slowly realises that Jean-Paul likes him.

Waiting For Five O'Clock
A wonderfully written piece centred around the American National Day of Silence.