Evan Lorne

Evan Lorne was born in San Francisco, California, USA. As a youngster, he occassionally sleptwalked but seemed to grow out of the habit by age ten. His mother was an art teacher and the family spent their weekends painting. Through his sister Lorne has two nephews, aged five and seven in 2008.

When he joined the Air Force, Lorne found himself with little time for hobbies and fell out of the habit of painting. He joined the SGC at an undisclosed time and, at the rank of Major, and was assigned to SG-11 under the command of Colonel Martin Edwards. This team ran into trouble with the natives (and with Dr Daniel Jackson) on P3X-403 where they were responsible for establishing a naquadah mining operation in 2003.

Two years later (in 2005), Lorne was assigned to the Atlantis base in the Pegasus galaxy, arriving on the Daedalus' second trip to Atlantis from earth. On Atlantis, Lorne received command of his own gate team and is assumed to have been Colonel Sheppard's second in command.

An accomplished pilot, Lorne was given command of the Ancient warship Orion during an attempt to prevent the Wraith from reaching Earth. He often piloted Puddlejumpers and was given the command of a squadron of F-302s during a conflict with the Asurans.

On Atlantis, Lorne and his team were often dispatched to rescue Colonel Sheppard's team from whatever situation they had gotten themselves into. He developed good working relations with Elizabeth Weir and Radek Zelenka, amongst others, as a result of this. Inspired by the views over the city, he also decided to pick up painting once more.