Nick Armstrong Biography

Nick Armstrong was born in the small town of New Salem, Massachusetts, on November 3rd to Nicholas and Sharon Armstrong. Within the year of his birth, both mother and father were killed in a hurricane, caused by the evil with Black John. He was raised by his father's brother and wife, with his cousin, Deborah.

The first born of the coven, it was said by Grandma Howard, "He was a fighter from the first minute." Little did she know that this would be his attitude through life. He went through his childhood and teenage years as a rebel, neglecting his duties to the coven and not giving a damn about what people wanted from him.

Nick spends a good part of his time working on his '69 Mustang Coupe in his aunt and uncles garage and smoking cigarettes (when Cassie isn't looking). He also doesn't mind skipping a class, or a coven meeting, either. When he does attend [the meetings], he only goes unheard when he offers words of wisdom.

In Volume One of the Secret Circle Trilogy, Nick is casted as moody, unruly, and disobedient to the coven. Introduced smoking a cigarette, he shows one piece of [slight] kindness by saving Cassie's back-pack from a keep-away game, by retrieving it from his cousin, Deborah, and Doug Henderson.

In the second volume, his temper seems to be flared by jealousy and spite as Cassie attempts to ask him to the Halloween dance. He's very untrusting at this point and believes he's just being used as a "substitute" for Adam. He realizes his folly soon and takes her anyway. This is where his feelings begin to develop for Cassie.

When we arrive at the third volume his feelings are in full swing, but he understands that Cassie is in love with Adam. He tries for her anyway, and succeeds, only to be left a short time later.

By the end of the trilogy we find that, though still tough in appearance, Nick has softened, even if it's only a little. He accepts that his parents died in honor and not in ignorance, that the world isn't dealing him a cruel deck of cards, and that there are people who care about him.

Just don't piss him off.