Nick Armstrong Name Analysis

Although Nick's given name is actually Nicholas, he is almost never called this, and so I've researched the name 'Nick' instead.

Apparantly, according to Kabalarian Philosophy, those named Nick are idealistic. If they see anyone in trouble, they are the first to help as their receptive nature means that they feel other people's pain and misfortune keenly. This sensitivity also means that they are easily hurt and offended themselves, while longing for the approval of others. Despite this, they speak very bluntly and find it difficult to express their thoughts and feelings. This often makes them difficult to understand and leads to misunderstandings, turning others away from them. Although they are caring in certain ways, they can be self-centred, refusing to listen to other peoples advice and insisting on learning from their own experiences.

There are striking similarities to Nick Armstrong in this analysis. It's well known that Nick is a loner, listening to no one and doing what he wants when he wants to. Other people, even the rest of the Circle, find him difficult to relate to and his conversation somewhat caustic. Despite this, he often does what Diana asks of him, perhaps in an unconscious search for approval of some sort. The idealism and desire to help others is seen most clearly in his actions towards Cassie. When he first meets her, he stops the Henderson brothers from bothering her and later he supports her when no one else will. His relationship with Cassie also holds an element of approval-seeking.