Nick Armstrong Quotes

Adam "And you. What have you been doing to help while all this was going on?"
Nick "Not a damn thing."
Diana "He has been helping . . . that's all we can ask."
Adam "It's not all I can ask."
Nick "Ask away. You're not getting anything more."

"If you want me, you got me. Four against one ought to be about fair. "

Cassie "Is he . . ?"
Nick "He wasn't looking so good when they got that chunk off him."

Cassie "Call nine-one-one, Nick. Jeffrey--"
Nick "He doesn't need a doctor. Do you? "

Nick "If they strangled him first, then hung him up . . ."
Adam "You don't actually believe that."
Nick "Hey, a woman scorned, you know?"

Cassie "So what are you doing . . ." - " . . . right now?"
Nick "Rebuilding the carburetor."
Cassie "Oh. Um . . ." - "So--what's this for?"
Nick "The carburetor."

Cassie "Sorry for bothering you."
Nick "Wait a minute." - "Wait. What time do you want me to pick you up?"
Cassie "I don't want to go with you anymore."

Chris "I would've done it--so would Doug--if we could've."
Nick "And if you could've thought of it--which you couldn't."

"I realize this isn't exactly the perfect moment. But the way things are going we may all be dead before the perfect moment comes."

Nick "I didn't think you'd go for it."
Cassie "So why did you ask?"
Nick "I figured it was worth asking, even if you told me to get lost."

"Okay, I'll try--not to get caught."

Cassie [after kissing him] "Sorry. I was just scared."
Nick "Remind me to get you scared frequently."

Cassie "Leaving school grounds without permission."
Nick "They can take their permission and--"

Deborah "Want to ride to school on my bike?"
Nick "No, she doesn't want to ride to school on your bike. She's going with me."

"Power of ice have I over thee. "

Doug "Hey! We did it!"
Nick "Cassie did it."
Adam "We really did it!"
Nick "Cassie did it--"