Stargate: Atlantis - Season 1

Total Times Unconscious: 4
Total Times Stunned: 1
Total Other Injuries: 11
Total Times Captured: 5
Total Deaths: 1

1x03 - Hide and Seek

After arming himself with an Ancient personal shield, Rodney discovers that he can no longer eat or drink and passes out from "manly hunger". Later, he is found unconscious after walking into the middle of a black energy field. In this episode he is also punched, shot and pushed off a balcony but the shield protected him from all of these things, so they sadly don't count towards the final tally of injuries.

1x04 Thirty-Eight Minutes

When a Puddle Jumper gets stuck in a Spacegate, Rodney is knocked unconscious and falls to the floor.

1x05 Suspicion

Rodney is hit in the face with a Wraith stunner blast after escaping back to Atlantis through the Stargate. When he wakes up, he is completely numb from head to toe.

1x06 - Childhood's End

Rodney and the team are captured by the children on M7G-677. Later, after being mean to Casta and Cleo, Casta hits Rodney on the chest.

1x08 - Underground

Rodney and Major Sheppard are captured by the Genii after discovering their underground complex. While here, Rodney is exposed to the radiation being generated by their nuclear weapons.

1x09 - Home

Along with the rest of his team and Dr Weir, Rodney is captured by alien lifeforms who place them in artificial environments. Whilst living his lives in this artifical environments, Rodney's body is unconscious.

1x10 - The Storm

Rodney and Dr. Weir are taken hostage by the Genii who are attempting to take control of Atlantis. Rodney is tortured by one of Kolya's soldiers who cuts his arm with a knife.

1x11 - The Eye

Still a prisoner of the Genii, Rodney is hit in the face by Kolya.

1x13 - Hot Zone

Atlantis is infected with a nanovirus which causes hallucinations and eventual death. Thanks to his artificial ATA gene, Rodney only experiences the early symptoms of hallucination.

1x14 - Sanctuary

When the Puddlejumper he is travelling in is pursued by Wraith Darts, Rodney is knocked to the ground by the shockwave from an energy pulse emanating from the planet Proculus.

1x15 - Before I Sleep

In an alternate reality, Rodney dies trying to open the Puddle Jumper bay doors when the Gateroom is flooded shortly after the expedition arrive on Atlantis.

1x16 - The Brotherhood

Whilst on Dagan, Rodney and the rest of the team are captured by the Genii who attempt to use them to locate a working ZPM. As part of the escape attempt, he is knocked down and temporarily blinded and deafened by a flashbang grenade.

1x17 - Letters from Pegasus

Whilst yelling at his lab minion, Rodney gets leg cramp.

1x18 - The Gift

In the efforts to ready Atlantis for the incoming Wraith siege, Rodney hasn't slept in days and is extremely sleep-deprived.

1x19 The Siege, Part I

Forced to don a spacesuit to enter an Ancient satellite, Rodney suffers from claustrophobia. Later, when artifical gravity is restored in the interior of the satellite, Rodney falls and hurts his back.

1x20 The Siege, Part II

With too much work to do in the City, Rodney hasn't slept in days and is hopped up on drugs designed to keep him awake and alert.