Stargate: Atlantis - Season 2

Total Times Unconscious: 5
Total Times Stunned: 3
Total Other Injuries: 17
Total Times Captured: 7
Total Deaths: 0

2x02 The Intruder

A Wraith computer virus aboard the Daedalus causes a coolant system to explode. Rodney both inhales some of the coolant, and is treated with an oxygen mask, and is exposed to radiation as a result.

2x03 - Runner

Rodney is co-opted (captured is a strong word given that Ford didn't think he was doing anything wrong) by Lieutenant Ford who goes on to push him around a bit. He also falls victim to one of Ronon's Wraith traps and is left dangling upside down from a tree. Throughout this whole process, he is exposed to high levels of radiation on P3M-736.

2x04 Duet

Rodney and Lieutenant Cadman are captured by a Wraith Dart which Major Lorne shoots down. During the rematerialisation process, Cadman's consciousness becomes trapped in Rodney's head. Once out of the Dart, Rodney passes out. He suffers intense muyscle pain after Cadman takes his body running without his permission and later passes out again after suffering a seizure brought on by the fight he and Cadman are having for dominance. He passes out for a final time after being zapped into the Dart and rematerialised without Cadman in his head.

2x05 Condemned

Rodney and the rest of the team are attacked by prisoners on Olesia before being rescued by the planet's security forces. The puddle jumper they are in is later shot down by the prisoners and Rodney and the others are taken captive once again.

2x07 Instinct

Rodney is knocked to the ground by a Wraith. And, Sheppard deliberately smacks him on the back of the head.

2x08 Conversion

In an emergency worthy of immediate treatment, Rodney gets a splinter in one of his fingers.

2x10 The Lost Boys

The whole team is kidnapped by Lieutenant Ford and his men. Rodney is stunned and later given the Wraith enzyme in some food.

2x11 The Hive

In order to escape back to Atlantis, Rodney overdoses on the Wraith enzyme. Once free, he is forced to go cold turkey and experiences severe withdrawal.

2x14 Grace Under Pressure

Rodney is knocked unconscious when his Puddle Jumper crashes into the Lantean ocean. He sustains a serious head wound which leads to detailed hallucinations. He is also affected by hypoxia, hypothermia and the bends.

2x16 The Long Goodbye

Rodney is stunned by an alien called Phebus who has taken over Dr. Weir's body.

2x17 Coup D'Etat

As part of a strike force searching for a ZPM, Rodney is captured by the Genii who lured them to a warehouse and set off knockout gas.

2x20 Allies

Rodney is stunned and captured by the Wraith, who place him in a stasis pod, after a device he constructed for them fails to work.