Stargate: Atlantis - Season 3

Total Times Unconscious: 2
Total Times Stunned: 0
Total Other Injuries: 9
Total Times Captured: 1
Total Deaths: 1

3x03 Irresistible

Rodney is grabbed and held against a wall by Ronon until he falls under the influence of Lucius' pheremones.

3x04 Sateda

In a moment of comedy gold, Rodney is shot in the arse by a bow and arrow wielding villager on another planet.

3x05 - Progeny

Rodney, the rest of his team and Dr. Weir are taken prisoner by the Asurans. Rodney is also choked and flung to the floor by their leader, Oberoth.

3x09 Phantoms

Rodney is shot in the side by Colonel Sheppard who has been affected by a Wraith device and believes himself to be in Afghanistan.

3x12 Echoes

Due to the proximity of a large group of whales, Rodney is afflicted by a headache, a bleeding nose and burst eardrums. He passes out and hits his face on a console in a Puddle Jumper before waking up partially, and temporarily, deaf.

3x14 Tao of Rodney

Rodney's DNA is altered by an Ancient ascension device which begins to cause him physical problems. He passes out and dies briefly before ascending and returning himself to normal.