Stargate: SG-1 - All

In which Rodney is an ass and gets exiled to Russia, but we love him anyway.

05x14 - 48 Hours

Carter: That's how the Pentagon came up with the 48 hour limit, isn't it? You told them Teal'c would be dead.
Rodney: That's why it's called a deadline.

Rodney: Wish I didn't find you so attractive. I always had a weakness for dumb blondes.
Carter: Go suck a lemon.
Rodney: Very sexy. Very, very sexy.

06x03 - Redemption, Part I

Rodney: (greeting Carter) Still sexy as ever I see.

Rodney: No, you're both horribly wrong, both of you, but you gave me an idea.

06x04 - Redemption, Part II

Rodney: (about Anubis) Has a real flair for the dramatic, doesn't he? Very theatrical.
Carter: Yeah, pretty much all the Goa'uld are like that.
Rodney: But, why wait? Why does this guy show up a day and a half after this all starts to do his whole "prepare to meet your doom" thing?
Carter: I don't know, maybe he wanted to make sure it was gonna work.
Rodney: Yeah, that would be embarrassing, wouldn't it? 'Nothing can stop the destruction that I bring upon you!' And then the Gate shuts down. 'Oops, sorry, never mind.'

Carter: So, what? We call Anubis up and ask him to stop?
Rodney: Yeah. 'Hey, Anubis, this is your agent, you're playing it way over the top, can you get serious, please?'

08x19 - Moebius, Part I

Carter: So, did you try dialling the Stargate address that the Daniel Jackson on the tape mentions?
Rodney: No. Why would we do that?
Carter: Well, just to see if -
Rodney: Of course we tried. It's called sarcasm.

Rodney: I'm sorry, what are your areas of expertise?
Carter: Astrophysics.
Jackson: Archaeology.
Rodney: (to Jackson) And I would listen to you because?
Carter: We're on the tape.
Rodney: (to Jackson) No, you. (to Carter) You I would listen to if you were reading the phonebook.

Rodney: (to Carter) You see, I love this whole sexy librarian thing.

08x20 - Moebius, Part II

Rodney: Gateship One, you're go for launch.
O'Neill: 'Gateship'?
Jackson: Well, it's a ship that goes through the gate so...
Carter: (nods)
O'Neill: Alright...
Hammond: (looks at Rodney)
Rodney: What? It's a ship that goes through the Gate. Gateship. Well I thought it was clever.

10x03 - The Pegasus Project

Rodney: But um, first, I just wanted to thank you for being there for me recently in a time of great personal need. Well, actually, you weren't there - I was alone in the dark, but um, you know, it sure seemed like you were.
Carter: Are you telling me one of your fantasies?
Rodney: No, it was a hallucination. I had a concussion. I was trapped in the back of a sinking Jumper and my mind conjured you up as a means of survival, it's what you would do in my situation. You saved my life.
Carter: OK well, that's… sort of nice.
Rodney: Mmm. Yes it was.
Carter: Was I naked?
Rodney: Partially.

10x13 – The Road Not Taken

Carter: Well, this is going to come as a bit of a shock, but I'm not who you think I am.
Rodney: Oh my God, you're a lesbian! Is that what you're trying to tell me?
Carter: What? No. McKay!

Carter: The Rodney McKay I know wouldn’t back down from a challenge. He is one of the most forthright, courageous… and selfless men I have ever met.
Rodney: Hmm... Aw, you’re making that up, aren’t you?
Carter: Most of it, yeah.

Carter: The Rodney I know is a master of subtle persuasion.
Rodney: Huh... Oh, you're lying again, aren't you?