Rodney McKay

Meredith Rodney McKay was born in Canada in 1968. A gifted child, he abandoned the piano for physics after being told that he was a proficient, but unfeeling pianist. He went on to be awarded two Doctorates, one in Physics and the other in Mechanical Engineering. At some point after this, he was approached by the United States Air Force (who had had dealings with him when he built an atomic bomb for a school science fair several years before) who offered him a job, presumably at Area 51.

During his time at Area 51, Rodney became one the leading experts on the Stargate, wormhole physics, Ancient technology and nanite technology. Although he lacked hands-on experience, his expertise in these fields led to him working with the Stargate Command several times. It was here that he first met Samantha Carter, the scientist who threatened his status as foremost expert on the Stargate programme.

Rodney spent some time in Russia, working with Naquadah generator technology. However, after the discovery of the Ancient base in Antarctica, he was dispatched to study the outpost. This led to his decision to join the expedition being sent to the lost city of Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy, despite the belief that it would be a one way trip.

In Atlantis, Rodney joined John Sheppard's off-world team, frequently travelling to other planets in search of Ancient technology, specifically zero point modules (ZPMs). The head of the Science side of the expedition, he often came into conflict with those under him but was responsible, both by himself and with their help, for saving Atlantis several times over.

During his time in the Pegasus galaxy, Rodney has come close to death several times, met alternate versions of himself and been involved in situations so bizarre as to defy description. He remains, however, completely enthralled by his work and seems to have never considered leaving the expedition for a safer position back on Earth.