Given that Rodney isn't exactly renowned for his interpersonal skills, it would be easy to assume that his relationships with others are antagonistic and strained. Happily, there's more to Rodney, and his relationships, that meets the eye. Read on for some details on the important friendships and romances that he has sustained.

Carson Beckett

Although initially impatient with Beckett's fear of Ancient technology, Rodney and Beckett developed a friendship, with Rodney admitting that Beckett was probably the closest thing he had to a best friend. Although Rodney is inclined to view medicine as voodoo, he seemed to respect Beckett's work, something which was probably helped by Beckett not being under Rodney's direct supervision. When Beckett was killed, Rodney escorted his body back to Earth and acted as one of the pallbearers at his funeral. When Beckett's clone was discovered, Rodney was inclined to trust him immediately and the pair appeared to have picked up their friendship from where it left off.

Katie Brown

Despite his dislike of the 'soft' sciences, Rodney struck up a relationship with Brown who had named a newly discovered plant after him. Their first date took place whilst Rodney was sharing his body with the consciousness of Lt. Cadman and, embarassed by what happened, Rodney avoided brown for a year afterwards. At some point, they appear to have begun dating again and Rodney planned to ask her to marry him, though he was in no way ready to set a date. After a quarantine situation, he realised that he wasn't ready for marriage but Brown, who had discovered the ring, took this as a breakup and returned to Earth permanently shortly afterwards.

Samantha Carter

Rodney was never subtle in his appreciation of Carter who he admired for her looks and her brain, which he admitted was almost as impressive as his own. He brashly hit on her every time they worked together and never took her rejections to heart. Over time, he began to see her as something more than a sexual object and when he was trapped in a Puddle Jumper at the bottom on the ocean, hallucinated a version of her which provided him with invaluable help. When Carter became the head of the Atlantis expedition, Rodney's relationship with her shifted more towards genuine friendship but he occassionally still made inappropriate remarks about her level of attractiveness and the sexual tension he perceived between them.

Ronon Dex

Although Ronon is not one for articulating much of anything, much less his feelings, he and Rodney do seem to share a close bond. Rodney has stated that Ronon is like a brother to him, whilst Ronon often acts to protect Rodney from outside threats. It was also Ronon's idea to take Rodney to the Shrine of Talus, a plan he was insistent upon despite the massive risk it entailed. Their brief rivalry over the heart of Jennifer Keller seems to have had no negative impact of their relationship, though Ronon was obviously disappointed when Keller chose Rodney.

Teyla Emmagan

Teyla often appears to be the only member of Sheppard's team who has the patience to listen to what Rodney has to say. However, she also never hesitates to rebuke him when she feels he has gone too far in something he has said. Rodney successfully delivered Teyla's baby without any medical assistance, which brought them closer together even though Rodney later dropped the baby, causing Teyla to temporarily avoid leaving Rodney alone with Torren.

Jennifer Keller

After being trapped in a mine together, Keller invited Rodney out for a drink. He was completely unaware that she was asking him out and she had to spell it out for him. Although they went for the drink, little happened between them for some time. When infected with a virus that made him lose his memories, Rodney told Keller that he was in love with her and had been for some time. However, Rodney did not act on his feelings until it became clear that Ronon was also interested in her. When he finally asked Keller out, she said yes and the pair began to date.

Jeannie Miller

Rodney's relationship with his sister is a complicated one. It is unknown how close they were growing up but when Jeannie made the decision to leave research in order to have a child, Rodney stopped speaking to her. He only spoke to her again when she developed a proof that would help with his work in Atlantis, though it had been made clear earlier on that he regretted not having a better relationship with her. It was implied that Rodney hadn't meant to stop talking to her for so long but that the more time elapsed, the harder it was for him to try to contact her. After working together, Rodney agreed to make more effort with his sister and although their relationship still has moments of strain, they are now in semi-regular contact with each other.

John Sheppard

As Rodney's team leader, it is clear that Sheppard respects Rodney, however the pair also seem to have a good friendship. They appear to have bonded whilst Rodney was wearing the Ancient personal shield and invited Sheppard to shoot him and push him over a balcony. These events showed them that they were more alike that they might have thought and the pair appear to spend quite a bit of their downtime together, playing computer games and racing remote controlled cars. Although they both lack the ability to express their feelings in anything resembling a normal fashion, they have both, at various times, attempted to comfort, encourage or advise the other in various matters.

Radek Zelenka

As Zelenka reports to Rodney, their relationship is often fractious, with Rodney frequently berating Zelenka. However, Rodney has admitted that Zelenka is quite a good scientist and Zelenka admitted that Rodney was brilliant, though difficult. The two appear to work incredibly well together, often finishing each others sentences.