1.01 - The Pilot

While Pete decides to break up with his girlfriend, Melissa, using the Chinese takeover of Hong Kong as the perfect metaphor for their relationships, Berg embarks on a new medical experiment. At the pizza place, Melissa tells Pete that the Hong Kong way of life is guaranteed by the Chinese for at least fifty years, leading to Pete having doubts about breaking up with her. The decision is made for him when Berg accidentally tells Melissa what Pete had been planning. When Melissa dumps Pete, Berg takes the brunt of Pete's anger and decides to go over to Melissa's to smooth things over. Whilst there it becomes apparant that the asthma medication he is taking is acting as a kind of truth serum. Under Melissa's questioning, he reveals more than he should, making the situation even worse. While Sharon brushes up on her people skills, threatening customers, Berg talks Pete through his fears about the future and encourages him to try to patch things up with Melissa. Pete decides that he's right and manages to win her back, only for Sharon and Berg to drag him to O'Malley's when he should be going back to Melissa's with a video.

1.02 - Two Guys, a Girl and a Presentation

Pete is distracted from preparing for a big presentation by Berg who has decided to become a doctor. Irritated that Berg seems to coast through life, Pete gets more and more stressed. At work, Bill, trying to ensure free medical cover for himself and his wife, agrees to let Berg have the afternoon off to study for a quiz, even though Pete has asked for it off in order to work on his presentation. When he rushes home after his shift, he finds Berg watching TV rather than studying. Quickly changing into his suit, Pete downs some orange juice before rushing to the Children's Museum to present his design for their new building. After he leaves Berg realises that the medicine he is currently testing was mixed in the juice Pete had drank. Realising that he might have poisoned his roommate, he follows Pete, Sharon in tow. At the Museum, Pete's presentation doesn't seem to be going well, and believing him to be delusional, Berg bursts in. It turns out that Pete drank the grape juice, whilst Berg drank the orange juice, meaning that the delusional one is, in fact, Berg. After a lengthy Star Trek delusion, Sharon finally manages to get Berg out of the room, leaving Pete to finish his presentation. The next day, Pete convinces Berg not to give up on Medical School, despite what happened. Reading notes on his arm, taken the night before whilst still delusional, Berg tells Pete that his design has been chosen by the Museum Board.

1.03 - Two Guys, a Girl and a Guy

When Sharon starts dating a new guy, Pete and Berg find their 'delicate eco-system' is falling apart. Instead of taking care of them like she usually would, Sharon is going on dates with Ted. Determined to end the relationship, Pete and Berg invite Ted for drinks planning to unearth his deep dark secrets and tell them to Sharon. Instead, they discover that Ted is an environmental lawyer who is involved in the Big Brother programme. To top things off, he performs the Heimlich Maneouver on Berg who chokes on a martini olive. Realising that Ted is perfect for Sharon, Pete and Berg decide to bless the relationship by telling Ted how wonderful Sharon is and what a great Mom she'll make. Later that evening, feeling proud of themselves for being mature, and for buying their own food and paying their own bills, the boys are surprised when Sharon bursts into the apartment telling them that things are over between her and Ted. It turns out that after their inspirational talk, Ted started talking to Sharon about meeting his parents, and marriage. Even though Pete and Berg have decided to act mature, Sharon's not ready to be mature yet and so she breaks up with Ted.

1.04 - Two Guys, a Girl and a Celtic Game

Pete forces everyone to go to the Celtics game two hours early, dragging a reluctant Berg away from the TV and Xena Warrior Princess. A Celtics fanatic, Pete is disgusted when Berg ends up having the lucky ticket and is given a seat on the bench to watch the game. Afterwards, he is so mad that he won't even talk to Berg. In an effort to make Pete feel better, Berg steals the 1981 Celtics Championship Banner and hangs it in the living room as a gift. At first Pete is delighted but when he realises that all of Boston is looking for the banner, he starts to get worried. Berg manages to return the banner and convince the Celtics manager that Pete is a hero for returning it even though he really wanted it. He calls Pete and true fan, pointing out his love for the game and the crappy seats he always has to make do with. The manager knows the whole thing is bull, but thinks he can sell it to the press. As a result, Pete, Sharon, Berg and Melissa are all given courtside seats at the next Celtics game and Pete is publicly hailed as a hero.

1.05 - Two Guys, a Girl and an Apartment

Mrs. Wechsler from 2D moves out, leading to Berg and Sharon deciding to screen new applicants for the apartment. They both agree that someone who travels a lot would be perfect, but while Berg is in favour of an air hostess, Sharon would prefer not to live nextdoor to a sky slut. During their interviews, Berg gets quite emotional telling Sharon that she never takes his feelings into account. A surprised Sharon tells Berg that if she didn't know better she would think he was PMSing. A quick look at the ingredients of Berg's latest medical experiment reveals that Berg has been taking estrogen and his hormones are all over the place as a result. Meanwhile, with his one year anniversary to Melissa coming up, Pete is agonising over what to get her. He doesn't want to give her something too meaningful which might lead her on, and so is relieved when it occurs to him to buy her a toaster, something which she's been saying she needs. When the day arrives, Melissa presents Pete with keys to her new apartment - 2D upstairs. A floored Pete realises that he doesn't want Melissa to move into the building and, after trying to get Berg and Sharon to do it for him, tells her as much. Upset at Pete's lack of comittment, Melissa decides to end the relationship.

1.06 - Two Guys, a Girl and a Softball Team

Fed up of being stuck in left field when playing with her softball team, Sharon vents to Pete and Berg, inadvertently introducing them to the concept of co-ed softball. The rules for co-ed state that each team must have at least two women and while most teams tend to have only two women, Pete and Berg decide to flip that around and create a nearly all-female team with themselves as the only men. Recruiting from the local University softball teams, they assemble a crack team but end up being one short. Pete works up the courage to ask April, a girl from the pizza place he's been lusting after, to fill the gap. With Bill as sponsor, the Beacon Street Pizza softball team head out for their first game, only to lose by a landslide when April turns out to be a crappy pitcher. When they manage to convince Bill that the won the game, Bill makes a bet with the pizza joint down the road. If Beacon Street Pizza win, the guys from Tessio's Pizza will have to stand outside their restaurant dressed as a pizza and a calzone, and hand out leaflets for Beacon Street. Panicked, Berg insists that Pete switch April for Sharon as pitcher, but Pete can't bring himself to do it when April tells him they can celebrate after the game in her parents house on the cape. Once again, April makes a lousy pitcher and Pete finally decides to switch her out. However, before things can start looking up, Sharon responds to a taunt from Tessio by clocking him in the head with the ball, leading to a fight. Having lost miserably, once again, Pete, Berg and Bill end up having to stand outside Beacon Street Pizza dressed as pizza slices and calzones, handing out fliers for Tessio's Pizza.

1.07 - Two Guys, a Girl and a Recovery

When Pete ruins a possible one-night stand by telling one of the women Berg picked up at the bowling alley that he was just out a relationship and couldn't handle anything serious, Berg decides that Pete needs a rebound girl. He quickly settles on the right candidate - Lauren, a patient at the hospital who is recovering from a respiratory problem. Although Lauren is supposed to help Pete get over Melissa, Pete starts to develop feelings for her and is distraught when Berg tells him that he misread Lauren's chart and that she's actually dying. Rushing to the hospital, Pete and Berg discover Lauren's room empty. Believing that she's already dead, Pete starts to mourn her but is interrupted when she comes out of the bathroom and dumps him.

1.08 - Two Guys, a Girl and a Party

Pete's plans for an evening spent practising a speech about the Kremlin are shattered when Berg arrives home with news of a party he's throwing. Having run into Bethany, a girl he's been interested in for two years, Berg invited her to Pete's birthday party. The fact that it's not Pete's birthday for another seven months doesn't stop Berg from planning a big birthday blowout. Pete falls in line with the plan on the condition that Berg end that party by 10.30 so he can still get some time to practice his speech. The party gets off to a flying start, everyone celebrating Pete's 30th birthday (though Pete is only 24) with gusto. Berg can't bring himself to tell Bethany how he feels about her and so ends up telling her that he is moving to France. While Pete forces Berg to talk to Bethany again, Sharon, who is mad at Pete and Berg for failing to pass on a message to her about a dinner date, gets dragged off by Melissa to drink some jello shots. As Pete finally gets into the swing of his own party, Berg digs himself in deeper, telling Bethany that he's not moving to France, but that Pete is dying. In the end Pete summarises the real situation and Berg finally confesses all to Bethany. Who turns him down. A dejected Berg is left nursing his pride while Pete dicovers Melissa passed out under a bunch of coats.

1.09 - Two Guys, a Girl and a Chance Encounter

Sharon's interest in the personal's leads to the discovery of an ad about Pete. For his own amusement, Berg decides to take matters into his own hands and calls to arrange a meeting, masquerading as Pete. As Berg, Sharon and Bill watch on, Pete meets Molly, the woman who placed the ad. To their disappointment and his elation, she is pretty and seems to be the perfect match for Pete. Their relationship doesn't take long to form and soon they are spending all their time together, much to the disgust of Berg. When Berg tells Pete that he can't go to the ballet with Molly, because he has to go to O'Malley's for the pop and shot tournament, Molly happily agrees to a change of plans. That night, however, Berg is woken up by Molly who is standing over his bed, brandishing a baseball bat and threatening to 'end him' if he comes between her and Pete again. The next day, Berg tells Pete what happens and Pete jokingly mentions it to Molly. Molly seriously explains that she would beat Berg up in a heartbeat if he came between her and Pete. As Pete panics about this change in character, he, Sharon and Berg prepare for dinner at Molly's. They decide that the best way for Pete to drive Molly away is to be everything that he hates - in other words, for him to act like Berg. Acting spontaneously seems to do the trick, but when Pete proposes, Molly is delighted leading to Pete revealing that it had actually been Berg who answered her ad. Molly immediately turns her affections to Berg, forgetting all about Pete, forcing Berg to go into hiding and place an ad in the personals which lures Molly to Seattle.

1.10 - Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Delivery

When Pete is oddly reluctant to give up a delivery, Berg's curiosity is heightened. As Melissa takes Pete to see her Kindergarten class version of Hair, Berg delivers the pizza. Once there he quickly discovers the reason why Pete always delivers to this address - the person who ordered the pizza, Isabella, is a hot artist who uses her body rather than a brush. Later, Berg asks Pete what he thinks he's playing at with Isabella and when Pete says nothing is going on, Berg decides to ask Isabella out. Despite being in a relationship with Melissa, Pete doesn't like Berg's new plan and so a Tribunal is called. With Sharon as judge, Pete and Berg hash out who has more 'right' to Isabella. Sharon eventually rules that Pete should stay away as he's already dating someone, leaving Berg clear to make a move. When the next delivery to Isabella comes up, Pete tricks Berg and makes it to Isabella's first. Whilst there he decides to tell her that he can't have a relationship with her as he's already taken. Just after telling her this, Berg bursts in and begs Pete to remember Melissa. Pete, stopping Isabella from talking, tells Berg that he's happy for him to ask Isabella out, but Berg decides that no woman should come between such good friends. After the two walk away, leaving a confused Isabella behind, Isabella's boyfriend appears from the bedroom and asks who she'd been talking to.