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21 November, 2006

So, why have I been letting my site languish in a very unloved state? Well, I've gone back to University and moved to England. Yep. I've been making sporadic updates all over the place, but things have fallen quite a way behind.
Thanks to Kelly who e-mailed to let me know that the comments aren't working. I still haven't actually fixed them, but it's on my to-do list!
I've just done a code check on all my affiliates so several have been deleted. If you think I've deleted your site in a random fit of stupidy, do e-mail me and let me know!
My Peter David fanlisting, Writer of Stuff, has been cross-listed into the Authors/Writers category at which is wonderful. Go join if you're a fan of his books or his comics.
I recently adopted the fanlisting for the relationship between Severus Snape and Lord Voldemort. You can find it at Master & Servant. And I have a few other adoptions in the works as well, including several wishlisters - hurrah!

04 September, 2006

Over the past two months or so this whole site has been a complete mess. I've moved my domain registration and hosting to Dreamhost after Toasty Host proved incapable of providing basic services. As a result there were errors everywhere. Most of the bugs have now been ironed out. The one exception to this is the affiliate buttons which aren't showing up anywhere. I'll be working on this soon.
I also have a couple of new fanlistings up and running so check them out and let me know what you think!
  • Ridge of Noctana, the Martouf (Stargate SG-1) fanlisting
  • No Choirboy, the Assistant Director Walter Skinner (The X-Files) fanlisting

    12 July, 2006

    Over the past few days I've put up two new fanlistings - I've been getting my fanlistings groove back lately!
    First of all is As Bob As My Witless, the Rugrats fanlisting, approved in the animation category. Second is Sly Charm & Reflection, the Nick Hornby fanlisting, adopted from Hanna and approved in the authors/writers category. Take a look and join them if you're a fan.
    In related news, one of my wishlist fanlistings is up for adoption so keep your fingers crossed for me.

    01 July, 2006

    I've just adopted the fanlisting for Nick Hornby's wonderful book High Fidelity from Denise. You can find it at Simplicity, Humour, Soul so go join!

    18 June, 2006

    I've just adopted the X-Men Comcis fanlisting from Tara. Hurrah and huzzah! You can find the fanlisting at Legendary, so check it out, let me know what you think and join if you haven't already.

    18 April, 2006

    I've given Missing, the Runaways Fanlisting a new layout and actually added some content - oooh, aaah. If you head over to the extras section, you can read profiles of all six original Runaways.
    Speedsicle, the Northstar/Iceman Fanlisting has also been updated. The extras section now includes details of the must-have issues, as well as a page of related links.

    12 April, 2006

    Welcome Tiffany, my newest hostee who brings her fanlistings for Chani and Paul & Chani from Dune to our big, happy InsanitySandwich family.

    03 April, 2006

    I have a new hostee, Caitlin , so welcome to her. Here's hoping she'll get her web design mojo back in no time at all!
    The LJS Cover Resource has had a few major updates over the last week or two, so you might want to swing by there to see what's new.

    18 March, 2006

    As should be blindingly obvious, there's a new layout here at
    The layout features Jamie Madrox of the X-Men and is a belated addition to the holy trinity of Madrox layouts by Kim, Tara and myself.

    08 March, 2006

    Displaced, the Lucas Bishop fanlisting has a new layout that you might want to check out. It's nice and bright, unlike the last one!
    Elsewhere, I've opened up a new site *gasp* The L.J. Smith Cover Resource collects the covers from all of L.J. Smith's books from around the world. Hopefully this will make is easier for webmasters and graphics makers to create quality images.
    Let me know what you think of both sites.

    23 February, 2006

    I've just added a new collective affiliate, Liza Marie. Go check out her lovely fanlistings collective, Hopeless Devotion.
    There's been a rather large update to Delusions of Elegance. Basically, I've added a whole bunch of icons. Go, look, take. But only if you want.
    Nerdily Reconstructed has been reorganised and updated. I added about ten fics that have been languishing over at my LJ. Go, read, comment.

    07 February, 2006

    I've opened The Runaways Fanlisting, a fanlisting for the Marvel series Runaways. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

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