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30 October, 2007

I can't quite believe it, but thanks to Adia, I'm now the owner of the fanlisting for L.J. Smith! Talk about a wishlister. I'm hoping to turn it into a proper shrine, but for now you can take a look at and join the fanlisting at ((Muse)).

23 October, 2007

Another day, another fanlisting. This time it's for the adorable Constable Benton Fraser from the TV programme due South. You can check it out at Thank you, kindly.
I've also recently adopted the fanlisting for Remy LeBeau aka Gambit, one of the most infamous X-Men around. Skip on over to Past Sins for a look!

22 October, 2007

Three more fanlistings have found new homes, so please update any related links or bookmarks you might have.
  • Perpetual Metamorph - Husk
  • The Wind Knows My Name - Wind Dancer
  • [at nine] - The Forbidden Game

    12 September, 2007

    Thanks to some wonderful approvals lately, I've adopted out several of my fanlistings. So far, the following fanlistings have moved:
  • {Quidditch} Lovers - Oliver Wood & Cedric Diggory
  • As Bob As My Witless - Rugrats
  • Nunc Id Vices, Nunc Ne Vides - Discworld Wizards
  • Deadly Silence - Miho
  • Liberty - Runaways
  • The Music and the Misery - High Fidelity
    Meanwhile, I have adopted the fanlisting for the Constantine movie from the lovely Akasha.

    03 August, 2007

    First up, a new fanlisting. You Never Thought It Would End Like This is a fanlisting dedicated to Hermione Granger and Severus Snape adult fan-fiction. Hermione/Severus is definitely my favourite HP pairing and I'm absolutely ecstatic to have this fanlisting. If you're interested in doing a little reading, there's quite a big fanfic recommendation list in the extras.
    In other news, the Rugrats fanlisting has been adopted out to Hayley. It can now be found at As Bob As My Witless.

    23 July, 2007

    Another day another fanlisting. Today, I've adopted back the fanlisting for Heineken from Sebastian.
    You can find it at Meet You There, and don't blame me if you suddenly fancy a drink after visiting the site.

    08 July, 2007

    Today I've channelled my I'm-ignoring-work-as-usual energy into two LJS projects that I've been neglecting.
    First up, Solitude - the Nick Armstrong fanlisting. I've finally given this a new layout! I'd had the old one for, literally, years. I've come up with something I'm pretty happy with. Nick is hot and he deserves and vaguely hot layout. There are also new codes, so feel free to swing by and pick up a new one to replace your crappy old one.
    Next, The LJ Smith Cover Resource. It's actually over a year since I've updated this - oops. Anyway, I've added five higher resolution scans (HoV, DV1, TFG1-3 - all North American, 1994), and the five brand-spanking new UK TVD covers. I've also added a plea for textless versions of the covers. Have you spent hours removing text from any of the covers when making LJS covers? Well, don't delete the damn file when you're done. Send it to me!

    07 July, 2007

    Two new fanlistings today - I can't seem to stop myself biggrin
    Do We Have To Copy Every Crappy Thing From The West?, is the fanlisting for the excellent German movie Good Bye Lenin!, which stars Daniel Brühl. If you haven't seen it, then go rent it immediately!
    Thanks to the perpetually wonderful Kim, I'm now the proud owner of The Smiting of One's Enemies, the Mallrats fanlisting.
    Here on the main domain, I've updated my wishlist and removed the comments from CuteNews. There was just too much spam to keep them up.

    19 June, 2007

    Two new fanlistings for you today.
    First up there's There Is No Truth, the fanlisting for Alex Krycek, one of my favourite characters from The X-Files. He might have been scheming, but damn he was hot.
    Longshot, is the fanlisting for Jim Butcher, the very talented author of The Dresden Files and Codex Alera books.
    Show them both some love and join their fanlistings today! Oh, and I've noticed that Cutenews seems to have gone a bit screwy, but I have no idea why. As far as I can tell, the comments are still working, there are just random errors. Hopefully, I'll get it fixed soon.

    30 May, 2007

    With the help of the wonderful Lee, I've opened a fanlisting and mini-fansite for L.J. Smith's The Forbidden Game trilogy. You can find the site here.
    I've also added a Keep in Mind list as I'm planning on adopting out some of my fanlistings soon.

    16 April, 2007

    Twisted Conspiracies, the fanlisting for the game Resident Evil: Code Veronica has been adopted out to the lovely Bianca. She's done a fantastic job, so be sure to go and have a look at the new version of the fanlisting, Berceuse.
    But fear not, I'm not a fanlisting down. Thanks to Kayleigh, I'm now the owner of the fanlisting for the wonderful novel Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause. Check it out at Seduction. And, thanks to another Kayleigh, the fanlisting for the first Blade movie is in my possession! Take a look at Pull The Trigger and let me know what you think.

    10 April, 2007

    Two new fanlistings today biggrin First of all there is Daywalker, the fanlisting for Eric Brooks aka Blade, the main character in the Blade trilogy of movies.
    Second, the related Sentimental Type of Guy, a fanlisting for Deacon Frost, the baddie from the first Blade movie.
    Go, join if you're a fan, and tell me what you think.

    07 April, 2007

    As you can see, there is finally a new layout here at I loved the old one, but it had been up for almost thirteen months (!!), so it was time for a change. I've been rewatching due South lately, and so it was only fitting that the new layout feature the delectable Constable Benton Fraser. Everything is basically the same, but changes have been made to the way the sites are listed, and I've fixed the problem with the comments. So, please, take a look around and let me know what you think.
    Elsewhere, I've finished the fanlisting for the Sin City comics, Family Values. I'm quite pleased with the layout, so go have a gander and sign up if you're a fan.
    Finally, a belated welcome to our newest hostee, Katie, who brings her M*A*S*H Screencaps website with her!

    03 April, 2007

    Despite my lack of updating here, things have been changing across the domain. First of all, I have an absolute stack of new fanlistings, including some that I've been itching to get my hands on for ages.
  • Make Yourself - Incubus Album
  • Miho - Sin City Character
  • Northstar - Marvel Comics Character
  • Chamber - Marvel Comics Character
  • Perrin Aybara - Wheel of Time Character
  • Eureka - TV Programme
  • First Contact - Star Trek Movie
  • Gabriel Wolfe - Dark Visions Character
  • M*A*S*H - Movie
  • The Frames - Band
  • Ezri Dax/Julian Bashir - Star Trek Relationship
  • Bajorans - Star Trek Characters
    Phew! Most of these fanlistings have additional content, but some are still waiting for their extras to be added. If you're a fan of any, go and join!
    As for the domain itself, I am aware of two problems - the comments aren't working and the affiliates don't show to people using IE. Both of these issues will be resolved in the upcoming redesign. Yes, I'm throwing Jamie away and creating a new layout secret Wish me luck!

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