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11 December, 2010

A new month, a new fanlisting! This time it's for Ezri Dax, one of my favourite Star Trek: Deep Space Nine characters. Have a gander and join at Just like old times. Except different.

23 November, 2010

The fanlisting gods continued to smile on me this month, approving me for the fanlisting for the relationship between Rodney McKay and John Sheppard from . Yoiu can check it out at You're Cool, I'm Fine.

05 November, 2010

A somewhat amazing 10 new countries and 42 new covers have been added to The L.J. Smith Cover Resource.

04 November, 2010

Having had these sitting on my harddrive for months, I've finally gotten around to adding some episode summaries and quotes to We Have A Sitation!, the Two Guys and a Girl fanlisting. I've also added a bunch of quotes to Punch Somebody!, the Alec Hardison and Eliot Spencer fanlisting.

22 October, 2010

I was really surprised to be approved for this fanlisting but I'm certainly not complaining! For Reasons That Do Not Need Explaining At This Juncture is the fanlisting for Due South, the one one with the mountie, the cop and the deaf wolf. Thanks to Jen for sending me the old members' list!
     Also new today is an updated of The L.J. Smith Cover Resource.

27 September, 2010

Alright, so I owned this fanlisting before and ended up closing it but that was clearly stupid because the subject is, without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite Star Trek Captain. Which means he clearly deserves a fanlisting. Who am I talking about, you ask? Why Captain Benjamin Sisko, of course! Check out the fanlisting at Fortune Favours the Bold.

06 September, 2010

After years of neglecting him horribly, I've finally given the fanlisting for Jonothon Starsmore aka Chamber a new layout - huzzah. I've also added the beginnings of a fansite section which I plan to keep improving until it's a one-sto--shop for all your Chamber needs. Check the changes out at Self-Imposed Isolation.
     Next up is the fanlisting for The Secret Circle trilogy of young adult novels by L.J. Smith. I've recently adopted the fanlisting which you can check out at Power of Blood.
     Finally for today, there are some new codes in the 'link back' section, because everyone needs a little bit of John Sheppard in their lives.

22 August, 2010

I've recently adopted the fanlisting for the Night World series of books by L.J. Smith which you can check out at Love Was Never So Scary.
     Inspired by that, I found the energy to do another update over at The L.J. Smith Cover Resource where there are seven new countries, a new series (The Vampire Diaries: Stefan's Diaries) and a new country (The Netherlands)!
     Finally, I've done a massive update of the quotes section over at Mentally Unstable Like A Fox!, the Rodney McKAy fanlisting. The first season list has been massively expanded and I've also added quotes from various Stargate: Atlantis books and audio books.

01 August, 2010

Self Doubt & Recrimination, the Bobby Drake (Iceman) fanlisting has had details of seven alternate realities added to the relevant section.
     After waiting for a shocking amount of time, I've finally added some decent codes to Punch Somebody!, the Alec Hardison & Eliot Spencer (Leverage) fanlisting. And since I was messing around with caps anway, I also made a new layout.
     Last, but definitely not least, I've updated The L.J. Smith Cover Resource with ten new covers and seven better ones.

22 June, 2010

11 new covers have been added to The L.J. Smith Cover Resource and, for once, only 2 of them are for The Vampire Diaries! I know, it makes a shocking change from the usual TVD-heavy updates.

17 June, 2010

The following fanlisting have been adopted out and moved to new homes:
  • Blade: Eric Brooks aka Blade
  • Blade: Deacon Frost
  • Supernatural: Bobby Singer, Dean Winchester & Sam Winchester
  • Star Trek: First Contact
    The following fanlistings have been closed:
  • Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Julian Bashir & Ezri Dax
  • Beer: Heineken I still have the members lists and codes for both of these fanlisting so if you're interested in adopting them, please e-mail me.

    09 June, 2010

    Because Bobby Drake sure does like to get around, I've added details of his appearances in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 and The Super Hero Squad Show, as well as some information on his alternate version from the Avataars: Covenant of the Shield universe. You can check out these additions over at Self Doubt & Recrimination, the Iceman fanlisting.
         Over at Solitary Man, the Stargate Atlantis 5.19, Vegas fanlisting, I've added a fan-fiction section where you can check out some of the excellent fic that's set in the Vegas universe.

    03 June, 2010

    Another month, another new fanlisting. This time it's for the young adult novel, Tithe by Holly Black which has been a favourite of mine for several years now. You can take a look and join up over at A Modern Faerie Tale.
         In other fanlisting news, Jen recently sent me her old members list for the M*A*S*H fanlisting, so Attention All Personnel! now has close to 500 members.

    12 May, 2010

    I've been resisting this fanlisting for months but no more! Try For Honesty is the fanlisting for Dr. Owen Hunt, one of the main characters on the medical drama Grey's Anatomy. Have a look at the site and show Owen some love.

    10 May, 2010

    Another month, another massive update of The L.J. Smith Cover Resource! This time there are over 30 new covers from around the world, including some very interesting ones from Japan, Indonesia and France. Check out the site for more details.

    22 April, 2010

    The lovely Abbi has been kind enough to let me adopt the fanlisting for my favourite sport, rugby! You can check it out at War Without The Frills.

    19 April, 2010

    You may have noticed that there's a new layout here at - well, sort of. The current version of the site, version 5.5, uses the bulk of the css from version 5.0 but changes allegiances from Supernatural to Stargate: Atlantis.
         Elsewhere, I've put up the fanlisting for the blisteringly unforgettable movie, The Hurt Locker. You can find it over at War Is A Drug.

    05 April, 2010

    I've just uploaded a huge update to The L.J. Smith Cover Resource (20 new covers! And not all of them are for The Vampire Diaries!). For more details have a look at the main page over at the site.
         In other equally exciting news, Bonster has let me adopt the fanlisting for John Sheppard and Rodney McKay slash fan-fiction. You can take a look at the fanlisting (and the epic rec lists it contains) at The Only Thing We Share Is The Same Sky.

    03 March, 2010

    A whole bunch of shiny new codes have been added at The Dupe Did It!, the Jamie Madrox fanlisting, ((Muse)), the L.J. Smith fanlisting and There Is No Truth, the Alex Krycek fanlisting.

    16 February, 2010

    Another day, another update of The L.J. Smith Cover Resource - it's like the site that never ends wink This time 34 new covers, 2 better quality scans, 2 textless covers, 1 new ad and a new country has been added.
         Elsewhere, I've bloody finally given Sacrifice, my Ash Redfern fansite and fanlisting, a new layout and new codes. I was really starting to hate the old layout so it's nice to have something pretty to look at for a change!
         Last but not least, I've also made a new layout and codes for Speedsicle, the Northstar & Iceman fanlisting. What can I say? I've been a busy bee today.

    13 February, 2010

    I've finally gotten around to adding codes that some wonderful people have donated to the fanlistings for Deacon Frost, Blade (The Movie), Blade (The Character), Iceman, Northstar & Iceman, Gabriel Wolfe, Nick Armstrong and Ash Redfern. Man, some of those fanlistings need new codes quite badly!

    29 January, 2010

    In a fit of activity whilst watching the Chilcot Inquiry, I've completely redone the codes section over at the Rodney McKay fanlisting. You can now grab a codes representing Rodney's many and varied facial expressions and give yourself a good laugh in the process.

    06 January, 2010

    The new year came with some good news for me fanlisting-wise. Firstly, I was approved to run the fanlisting for the talented Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård which you can find at I'm Scandinavian, God Damnit. I was really surprised to be chosen to run this fanlisting, so I hope I've done it justice.
         I've also been chosen as the new owner for the Rodney McKay & John Sheppard Slash Fan-Fiction fanlisting which made me squee like a mad thing. I hope to have that up and running in the next couple of weeks.
         On the non-new fanlistings front, I've added a bunch of season 2 codes to Archimedes in a Bathtub, the fanlisting for A Town Called Eureka.

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