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09 December, 2011

Somehow the adoption for this fanlisting fell through so I was delighted to be approved through The Fanlistings Network instead. But what fanlisting am I talking about? Why the one for the 1994 Stargate movie, of course! You can find the new fanlisting at Door to Heaven. Go join. And then scamper off to rewatch the movie that inspired the franchise we all know and love.

04 September, 2011

A whopping 71 new covers have been added to The L.J. Smith Cover Resource.

02 August, 2011

Another day, another new fanlisting! This time it's for Kira Nerys, first officer on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Have a look and join up over at Faith.

19 July, 2011

I've just opened the fanlisting for the always entertaining Ronon Dex from Stargate Atlantis. You can check it out over at I'm Friendly!.

23 June, 2011

Updates have been a bit thin on the ground lately as I've had some major computer problems. Now that everything's up and running again I've adopted out the fanlisting for the 2005 movie Constantine to Lucy. You can find the new version over at Between Heaven and Hell.
     Elsewhere, I've added some donated codes from Laitaine to the fanlistings for Stargate Atlantis: Duet, Stargate Atlantis: Evan Lorne, Stargate Atlantis: Rodney McKay and Stargate Atlantis: Rodney McKay and John Sheppard.

13 March, 2011

I've just finished Not What I Pictured, the fanlisting for Major Evan Lorne from Stargate Atlantis. Lorne is one of my favourite SGA characters so I'm delighted to be the owner of this fanlisting - it was a wishlister! I've added quite a lot of additional information to the fanlisting so it's really a fansite with added fanlisting goodness. Anyway, check it out and join if you're a fan.

08 March, 2011

2 new countries, 50 new covers, 4 new ads, 6 bigger cover scans and 1 new book have been added to The L.J. Smith Cover Resource. For the record, I never imagined that the site would spiral into something that houses over 500 cover scans.
     Over at Self-Imposed Isolation, my Jonothon Starsmore aka Chamber/Decibel fansite and fanlisting, I've added a few new trading cards, and added an action figures section.
     Finally, I've redone the season one injury list over at my Rodney McKay fansite and fanlisting, Mentally Unstable Like a Fox!.

04 March, 2011

Lots of quotes from various Stargate Atlantis novels have been added to the Rodney McKay fanlisting. Additionally, the following fanlistings have been adopted out:
  • The Old Kingdom (Abhorsen) Series by Garth Nix
  • Supernatural 2.15: Tall Tales
  • The X-Files: Walter Skinner
  • Due South: Benton Fraser
  • Leverage: Alec Haridson & Eliot Spencer

    12 February, 2011

    Another long-neglected fanlisting has received a new layout and codes today. This time it's Displaced, the fanlisting for Lucas Bishop of the X-Men. Check it out and join if you haven't already!

    25 January, 2011

    Because it really is easier than e-mailing, I've added CodeSort to the site to allow people to upload code donations for my fanlistings. You can find the donation page here.
         Over at Self-Imposed Isolation, the Jonothon Starsmore aka Chamber/Decibel fanlisting and fansite, I've added a page dedicated to the trading cards that have featured Jono over the years.
         I've also added several donated codes to a bunch of X-Men fanlistings (thanks Hakka!.

    23 January, 2011

    After a scandalously long time (seriously, let's not even mention how long it's been), Golloptuous, the Elinor M. Brent-Dyer fanlisting has freaking finally been given a new layout and codes! Not only that, but I've also added some content. Will wonders never cease?

    09 January, 2011

    I've just put up a new layout at The L.J. Smith Cover Resource, as well as added 40 new scans.

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