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- website - october 08 - all of them for different reasons - It seems so real, and the love between Stefan and Elena is perfect.

email - website - summer 2007 - Elena Stefan Damon Bonnie - Because its great and awesome

- website - Local Book Store - Stefan and Damon - Keeps me on the edge. Can't put the book down!! :D

- website - 2006 - Bonnie and Damon - I think it would take a couple hours to fully explain my love for this series, but to try and sum it up - I love L.J's ability to give each and every character a purpose and a life and the way she creates a supernatural and mystical world of vampires

email - website - In the school library last week. - Dmaon and Stefan - Because of the love triangle and the suspense of the stories.

email - website - ~2001 - Meredith -

- website - March 2008 - Damon - I enjoyed reading the series because it was about the paranormal, which has always been an interest to me, vampires especially. The Vampire Diaries is a higly addictive series I could not put the book down until I finished all four stories and I'm dy

Midnight Rose
- website - Sometime during 2007 - Damon - Besides the fact it's about vampires? It has a catching story, and it's hard to put down, which is a very good thing.

- website - 2007 - Elena, Stefan, Bonnie. - I like The Vampire Diaries because I think it's amazing how strong the love between Elena and Stefan is, and how they have stayed together through so many tough times. I love anything supernatural, and would kill for a guy like Stefan. And I just lov

- website - I got it as a christmas present a little while ago.. it couldn't have been long after it came out. With the whole Twilight excitement, I forgot all about it, stopped after the second book, but then my best friend, Sirri Wolfe, read it as well on her - Damon, Meredith and Alaric - The Vampire Diaries was the first vampire series I ever read that completely amazed me. I mean, I read through Anne Rice's work, and it constantly repeated itself. Twilight was almost too predictable. This series kept me guessing. And you never felt

Sirri Wolfe
- website - Less than a month ago - DAMON!!!!!!!! - They're enthralling. The characters pull you in, and make you get so caught up in the story, you can't stop turning the page

- website - When they were republished - Damon - I've just begin reading 'the awakening' and it's pretty great.