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Abi Lauret
- website - Years ago when i found it in my local library, became addicted and bought them all straight away. - Damon (i luv the bad boy), Elena and Stefan - Vampires are sooo amazing nd these books are so perfect that i have to read them over and over and over again.

- website - present at xmas - stefan and meredith - because sometimes i feel like i can relate to it, and i like the mythical vampire ideas.

- website - 1997 - Elena Gilbert, Stefan Salvatore, Damon Salvatore, - I love L.J Smith's books and have done for years!!

email - website - Last Year - Damon -

email - website - My sis found them in the library and thought i would like them - Damon and Stefan - Cos its a great romance and has vampires init. Some seriously fit vampires.

- website - About 5 years back in 2004 - Damon (durgh!!!) - Because they're wicked books that were such a big part of my teenhood

email - website - - -

email - website - 1992 - Matt -

- website - in a shop :P - Damon - i like it as it has a grat storyline and i love the romance of it all