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Jonathon Erickson
- website - 2007 - Elena and Stefan - Because a vampire falling in love with a human at the wrong time is the best show for me.

email - website - a few years ago.. - stefan-obviously - I

- website - 2009 - Elena, Stefan, Bonnie - its an awesome story the sacrafice that elena had to take in order to sae the ones she loves in wonderful this book just like twlight let me escape into a diffetent worls but this 2 sagas are so different from each other i love vampires

- website - Library - Matt Honeycutt - I love vampire everything, but the characters were all different and series had many unsuspecting turns for me.

email - website - - -

email - website - i was looking for some good vampire books - i absolutely love stefan! - its one of those types of books you just cant put down.

- website - 5 months ago - Damon - The characters all have unique personalites the books are also dark and mysterious

Kendall Harrell
- website - Awhile ago with the books - Stefan and Elena - I'm a romantic sap XD

email - website - this summer from commericials on cw - STEFAN! - I like that even as an adult, I can enjoy these stories, they are filled with suspense and romance and personally, I like them more than the Sookie Stackhouse books, Vampire Chronicles & Twilight

Kimberly Rink
- website - 2007 - Damon and Elena - Damon is so mysterious and unattainable. Elena is so gorgeous and untouchable.

- website - A little less than 2 years ago - Stephan and Damon - When I found this book I was wanting something to read after I had read Twilight and these books were AWESOME!! I love the way L.J. Smith writes and the plots of her stories and have continued to love her novels since. :)

email - website - - -

email - website - October 24, 2007 - Stefan - well I love to read and I love tragic love stories that involve fantasy and light vs. dark

Kylie Harmer
- website - may 2008 - stefan, elena, damon, bonie - i cant stop reading them, they are so addicting, i have never been the type to read vampire books and i now just want to... i really couldn't get into twilight.... and this book is non-stop action... i love it!!!

- website - January 20, 2009 - Stefan and Elena - The Vampire Diaries showed me a lot of suspense to keep me hooked on to reading and I enjoyed the little twist at the end of The vampires Diaries: Dark Reunion.

- website - - - All of Them - -

Lisa Slack
- website - - - I like he Vampire Diaries because I loved the books and I can not wait for the TV Series

email - website - 1993 - Damon - It's errie, beautiful and so sexy with Damon =)

- website - Friday. - Damon, Elena. - Because it's so full of passion and each chapter kept me begging for more. I'm actually about to die from anticipation for the next book.

- website - a few days ago, i read the republished version and then the ebooks ! - damon, meredith, matt, bonnie, elena...all of them haha - it restored my faith in published pieces from the last century haha

email - website - february 2, 2008 - Stefan - I love vampire books and I found I couldn't put the book down for a second as I was reading it...(I read it through dinner)

- website - april 2008 - damon and stephen - it gives youa thrill with a love storie

- website - last year - damon and bonnie - the storylines and characters were cool

- website - 2007 - stefan and damon - It is interesting how people can be so easily manipulated by love.

email - website - - Damon, Stefan, Katherine -

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