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Abbie Mangan
- website - About December 08 - Stefan and Meredith - Its just so awesome! you cant really describe it! I love it! I got sucked in to the books and cant get out.

email - website - - DAMON - cause theyre amazing

Abi Lauret
- website - Years ago when i found it in my local library, became addicted and bought them all straight away. - Damon (i luv the bad boy), Elena and Stefan - Vampires are sooo amazing nd these books are so perfect that i have to read them over and over and over again.

email - website - 1992 - Damon! YAY! - Blah blah woof woof

- website - Summer of 08 - Matt and Bonnie - It is a good book about lov estruggle and the pain of loosing some one close to you

- website - october 08 - all of them for different reasons - It seems so real, and the love between Stefan and Elena is perfect.

Alexandra Fuentes
- website - library - stephen - i love vampire i find them very dark mysterious nd sexy!!

Amanda Lucas
- website - a week ago - Stefan - I very detailed and romantic.

Amanda Robyn
- website - 1996 - Elena and Stefan - I was drawn into the novels from the very first page! It was magical and sensual without explicit sexual proverbs, it left something to the imagination... It was the perfect vampire novel!

Andrea Sagle
- website - In January 2008 - Stefen, Elena, Bonnie,Meredith, Matt - For one I love vampire books and two I love how it have a mix of love story, horror, and adventure all in one book.

- website - friend - stefan;damon; matt - um its really different and unique and nothing is boring i cant put it down

email - website - Sometime in the early 1990s - Stefan, Elena -

email - website - summer 2007 - Elena Stefan Damon Bonnie - Because its great and awesome

Anna Paula
- website - 2007 - Stefan, Elena, Meredith - I don't know, I just like it.

- website - - -

- website - - -

- website - I found them back the book first came out in 91. Recently I found them over again and read them and absolutely love them. - Bonnie, Stefan, Elena - It is a really great series that even years later I was able to enjoy and will continue to enjoy as I step into the world of fan fiction for this fandom.

- website - 1993 - I think - Damon, Meredith - I like most of the main characters, the story is interesting, the vampires aren't a whiny bunch

email - website - 03/11/09 - Stefan, Damon, Elena, Bonnie - because it´s a great series of books that puts together a lot of supernatural stuff very sucessfully.

email - website - Back in the 90's at a local bookstore. - Damon - All of the books are interesting reads. They really draw you in and make you care about the characters and storyline.

email - website - last year - Stefan Bonnie Damon Meridith Matt - i like the conflict between Damon and Stefan. I think the characters are so funny and talk and act like real teens.

email - website - - -

- website - at books a million a few years ago - damon - a vampire story that is unique is hard to come by

- website - - -

email - website - july 2008 - stephan, elena, bonnie -

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