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- website - When they were republished - Damon - I've just begin reading 'the awakening' and it's pretty great.

email - website - 3 days ago - Damon & Elena - Because the story is amazing and totally awesome. and btw; damon's hot ;D

email - website - Oct. 25 @ barns and noble - Stefan,Elena,Damon,Bonnie,Meredith,Katherine - It has an amazing plot and even better characters. I love each book that i've read so far.

- website - this year - stefan, elena - Because of the susspense of their love for each other and thier vampires.(:

- website - June 2009 - Damon Salvatore - The main reason was that this book series, was mainly the birth of vampires in teenage books. I mean, the go way back to my birthdate. Aside from that, I enjoy the struggle, its not all sweets like other book series. This series has a bit of more real emo

email - website - 1992 - - Awesome characters and an engaging story.

Whitney G
email - website - 1992 - Damon, Meredith -

X BonnieMcCollough X
- website - Last month (november 2008) - Bonnie; Stefan - Because is full of mistery, love and teen aingst: paradise.

- website - this year in January - Elena,Stefan,Damon,Bonnie,Meredith,Matt,Caroline - all of it

Zuri Gamboa
- website - about 3 weeks ago - stefan - i dont know for sure its just something that caought my eye one day and i dicided to read it and i just could not put it down it was so intersting

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