5.19, Vegas: Summary

Police find a desiccated corpse on a desert road outside Las Vegas, Nevada, the seventh victim of a bizarre serial killer. Detective John Sheppard is called in to assist and is baffled by the murders. While investigating, Sheppard finds traces of radiation on the bodies, and this clue leads him to a peculiar looking man with super human attributes that allow him to easily evade capture.

Later, Sheppard is detained and driven to Area 51. There he meets up with Dr. Rodney McKay who reveals that the suspect is in fact a Wraith who feeds on human energy. Ironically, McKay and his team have traveled to Earth from the Pegasus Galaxy, by way of a Stargate, to prevent this same Wraith from compromising the security of the planet. But so far, Sheppard is the only one who's been able to get close to him.

5.19, Vegas: Cast