5.19, Vegas: Characters

The alternate universe of 'Vegas' is populated by immediately recognisable characters who, upon closer scrutiny, are quite different to the versions we are used to.

Detective John Sheppard

Detective John Sheppard John Sheppard served as a pilot in the United States Air Force, spending a time flying helicopters in Afghanistan. He was dishonourably discharged from the service following an incident in which he disobeyed orders in an attempt to rescue a field medic who had become trapped behind enemy lines. Sheppard was involved in a relationship with the field medic in question, which may explain his actions. Unfortunately, he was shot down and the crash killed four American soldiers and eight civilians. The decision was taken to dishonourably discharge him without serving any jail time and the record of the incident was sealed. At some point after this, Sheppard moved to Las Vegas and joined the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police force, passing the exam to become a Detective on his third attempt. He scrapes by on his quarterly performance reviews and appears to have a gambling problem, running up debts through the bank and with a off the books bookmaker. He has never been married, doesn't particularly like science-fiction and has a penchant for spearmint gum, He appears to care about very little in life, with the possible exceptions of his car and Johnny Cash (a poster of whom adorns his office wall and is the only thing he takes with him after walking out of his job). Despite all of this, he seems to have excellent instincts when working a case and is the only person to successfully deduce the location of the rogue Wraith. Sheppard delays the Wraith for long enough to prevent him from sending a signal to the Pegasus galaxy and appears to have died in the attempt.

Dr. Rodney McKay

Dr. Rodney McKay Rodney McKay is Canadian and a member of both the Stargate programme and an expedition based on the city of Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy. He is a member of a gate team on Atlantis and has, at some point, opened an interdimensional rift which threatened to destroy the Universe. Possibly in relation to this event, he met a group of people, including a John Sheppard, from the Atlantis of another reality. He came to respect the John Sheppard he met on this occassion and it was this respect which prompted him to break regulations and tell his own reality's John Sheppard the truth about the Wraith. It is unclear whether McKay was recalled to Earth before or after the battle with the Wraith hive ship which took place above the planet, but once there he operates from Area 51 (which seems to be the headquarters of the Stargate programme) as part of a team who are desperately trying to discover where the Wraith is and what he's up to. McKay works closely with Radek Zelenka, both on Atlantis and Earth, whom he often disagrees with passionately and appears to be married to Jennifer Keller. Despite coming across as quite serious, he displays a sense of impatience and a sarcastic sense of humour on several occassions.

The Wraith

The Wraith After capturing an undisclosed team from the city of Atlantis and torturing them for information, a Wraith hiveship learned of the location of Earth and immediately made their way there. They engaged in a battle with the Stargate programme above the planet with the hiveship eventually being destroyed. However, this particular Wraith managed to escape in a dart, finding himself in Las Vegas, USA. While there the Wraith learned how to blend in with humans through the use of makeup and prosthetics. Adopting a 'goth' look he took up high-stakes poker to finance his efforts to create a device which would send the location of Earth to the Wraith in the Pegasus galaxy. Using his mental abilities he won more than enough money to build what was needed but the radiation emitted from the device meant that he needed to feed more often than before. This brough him to the attention of John Sheppard who followed him to his (abandoned) hotel room, a poker game and, finally, the trailer in the desert where he had been working on his transmission device. He was most likely killed when the trailer was destroyed by a squandron of planes sent by a team at Area 51 after Sheppard discovered his location, and his signal failed to reach the Pegasus galaxy.

Richard Woolsey

Richard Woolsey Despite having been introduced to John Sheppard as an FBI agent, Richard Woolsey is the head of the expedition based on Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy. Although it is unclear if he was recalled to Earth before or after the battle with the Wraith hive ship which took place above the planet, Woolsey operates out of Area 51 as the head of a team trying to discover where the rogue Wraith is and what his plans are. Woolsey is the first person from the Stargate programme to attempt to explain events to John Sheppard, but is unable to do so when Sheppard refuses to sign a confidentiality agreement (Rodney McKay decides to tell Sheppard the truth in spite of this).

Dr. Jennifer Keller

Dr. Jennifer Keller A member of the expedition based on the city of Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy, Jennifer Keller is a medical doctor who has been recalled to Earth to help deal with the rogue Wraith who has killed a series of people in the Las Vegas area. Arrangements are made for Keller to replace the doctor who had been responsible for the previous autopsies in the case and she leaves certain pertinent details out of her end reports. Temporarily based at Area 51, it is implied that she is married to Rodney McKay.

Dr. Radek Zelenka

Dr. Radek Zelenka A member of the expedition based on the city of Atlantis in the Pegasis galaxy, Radek Zelenka is recalled to Earth to deal with the Wraith threat, though it is unclear if he arrived before or after the space battle with the Wraith hiveship. Based at Area 51, he is part of a team who are trying to discover the location of a rogue Wraith. Although Rodney McKay believes the Wraith to be in the process of building a communication device, Zelenka disagrees, briefing a group of military officials about the possibility of the an inter-dimensional rift of a bomb. Zelenka appears to work closely with McKay both on Atlantis and Earth, seeming to relish bringing up McKay's past failures. He does not wear glasses.

Todd the Wraith

Todd the Wraith Todd was aboard the hiveship which made it's way to Earth and managed to escape before it was destroyed. However, he was eventually captured by someone from the Stargate programme and imprisoned in Area 51. During his time as a prisoner, he was not permitted to feed resulting in him becoming somewhat delirious. When John Sheppard is taken into his cell, Todd (who is never called Todd in this reality) begins to ramble causing Rodney McKay to comment that Todd fancies himself as something of a poet. Although Todd's words seem nonsensical, they later help Sheppard to piece together the rogue Wraith's location.

Walter Harriman

Walter Harriman It is unclear whether or not Walter Harriman is a part of the Atlantis expedition, however he does become involved with some work with the team from Atlantis assembled to track down the rogue Wraith on Earth. He is based (temporarily or not) at Area 51.